Here are some Real Audio sound files as heard/worked in FM18 on 50 MHz. Close to 70 entities are represented thus far. You can download Real Player free here. My rig in 2000 was an Icom 706 MKII with about 75 feet of RG8 feeding an M2 6M5X at around 30 ft. The feed line was changed in early December to about 50 feet of 1/2 inch hardline, which (of course) gave me a marked inprovement in reception. I upgraded my rig in Jan 2001 to a 746, which I like best out of all the ICOM rigs I've tried, including the 756 PRO. Upgraded again courtesy of the Dayton Hamvention to an IC 756 Pro II and I'll never look back- the sensitivity/selectivity is great, and the noise blanker on the Pro II is awesome! Works even better with the stacked pair of M2 6M5X antennas & the WX0B stackmatch I added this summer as well. The recordings themselves were made with an old cassette tape recorder located below one of the two outdated Labtec sound-blaster speakers I use as externals. Most of the files were recorded at the same level, but as noted in the table a few were not, so unless you want a nice wake-up call...


    RA files will load completely before playing. ST files are streamed (works great if server not busy).

N3DB in Japan RA ST Me in JA on Es. 5 minutes after K3TKJ & JE1BMJ made the 1st ever W3 Es to JA QSO. THANK YOU TAC!!!
NH6P RA ST Fred on Es into the East Coast
More NH6P June 2007 RA ST Thinner pile but still strong
T96C RA ST Through the blind caller QRMers
OX2A RA ST July 2007 with full filters- PJ4/PA3CNX S7 off the back/side same QRG
ZC4LI RA ST CQing Contest Summer 2006
4X4DK RA ST The "slap" in the background is the sound of relief :-)
5B4FL RA ST Cypress on Es
PV8DX RA ST FJ92 on a doublet
SV1DH RA ST Strong again but not hearing well
ZD8VHF/b RA ST Courtest of NW5E- as heard 10/19/03 at 2118Z from EL98.
VP5/K7BV RA ST Dennis on vacation
YV0D RA ST Aves Island
YV0D pileup RA ST This is why I hate pileups
YV0D dogpile RA ST This isn't HF
More YV0D by request RA ST The pile thins
48.242 Portugese Video RA ST Classic early-warning indicator for EU propagation with QSB surges, Es 2004
48.250 Spanish Video RA ST Steady on Es, 2004. Coming next if my record quality allows, multiple carriers...
FM5WD RA ST Lucien on Es
V44KJ RA ST St. Kitts on 6m, 2004
CN8TW RA ST Morocco on Es, 2004
J79KV RA ST Jimmy in Dominica 2004
PJ7M RA ST K2ZD & K4BI's dxpedition
P43JB RA ST Joop in Aruba, great cw & 6m operator
IS0GQX RA ST Bruno in Sardinia
9Y4AT/b RA ST Good SA propagation indicator, Es May 2004
CE Music RA ST First Music of 2004- what is the song?
PY2TVI RA ST Surprise- PY2TVI during the 2004 January VHF Contest
ZP6CW RA ST Doug on Es + TEP, November 2003
GW3LEW RA ST Geoff on July 8, the best day ever for NA to EU on Es
HB9HFK RA ST Faulty recorder settings distorted all my July 8th audio- ugh!
9H1AW RA ST Alan on Es, July 8 2003
IK1EGC & IK5MEN RA ST This years Es are the best ever, & its not over yet!
5T6M RA ST DL8YHR's fantastic operation in Mauritania. Es, June 29, 2003
IT9RZR RA ST Always very loud (Es June 2003)
CE3SAD RA ST I did try calling your cell phone... Es + TEP
9A2SB & F8OP RA ST JN95 & JN26 on Es June 6, 2003- Best DX 5B4FL at 9120km (ugh, tape ran out before that QSO)
ZD7MY RA ST Wow, St. Helena into FM18 10/29/02- 30 day SFI average 166.89
ZD7MY RA ST More of ZD7MY, booming into Maryland
VE7FG/b RA ST Unreal! CO83 beacon into FM18 on Es August 27, 2002
PY3DU RA ST Huge TEP opening Aug. 25, 2002 (ssb)
FS/W6JKV RA ST W6JKV in St. Martin 2002
GI0OTC RA ST Straight key to my first GI, fall 2000.
HB0/HB9QQ RA ST Catching an extremely rare one here in W3
LY2BH RA ST Lithuania behind DLs in January 2002
PY0FF RA ST In many times to the north, less here. Poor recording
EU Pileup RA ST Snipet frm January 17, 2002 ...OK, I, SP, I, OE
5B4FL RA ST Nick CQing as hrd here
HC8GR RA ST Weaker recording of frequent /b
7Q7SIX/b RA ST In here enough times..7Q needs ops
SM7AED RA ST Arne with a huge signal in January
UT2IC RA ST SSB to the Ukraine with overpowering inband video
CE0Y/W7XU RA ST From Easter Island...so excited I forgot to record my QSO
CE MUSIC RA ST On pure TEP. Traditional music
CE3SAD RA ST Last spring, TEP.
LU9EHF/b RA ST Low power ff95 beacon in on May 16 2001.
LU8AHW RA ST 8300 kms on about 5 to 10 watts.
VP8CMT RA ST This one speaks for itself...
4T1SIX/4 RA ST Pretty cool- on a Zepp out a hotel window
LU2NI RA ST Great spring conditions
K2KW/6Y5 RA ST Interesting opening... no one else heard him til later.
JW5RIA RA ST Only the beacon unfortunately
ON4GG RA ST Es, June 2001
EH8BPX RA ST Huge signal in late May
CU3AN RA ST The Azores on Es
V31TE RA ST W7AV's one-man 6 meter DXpedition -FB.
S54G RA ST Milos on winter F2
UY5QZ RA ST Strong Ukrainians on F2 a number of times, along with tremendous inband video QRM
PZ5RA RA ST Ramon booming in on June Es
XE1UN RA ST SSB from Mexico City
FG5FR RA ST Frantz in Guadeloupe
KG4XE RA ST Breakin' the beacon on Gitmo (599 plus later)
UX7MX RA ST Bad time for a break...found this on tape later
CT1DYX RA ST Summer Es 2001
F5CWU RA ST Flo on Summer Es
EH7GTF RA ST The guy I hear first almost every Es opening
S57A RA ST Slovenia through the QRN
G3NVO RA ST Another example of my late season QRN
I0JX RA ST Italy on Es 2001
OH7KM RA ST October 26, 2001 -The first of at least 22 openings I had to Finland on f2.
OH2BC RA ST Pulling out OH2BC (KP20) Oct. 26, 2001
YO5BRZ RA ST Tremendous Nov. opening..QRM on 6 meters like this almost never here!
V73AT RA ST Up to S5 here at times
OE5XBL RA ST Austrian club station on 6 meters
JY9NX RA ST Jordan on 6 meters - YESSSSSS!
OH1MM RA ST KP11 weak on the scatter path Nov. 16, 2001 facing the Azores. On my CQ
DL1IAQ RA ST One of 91 different German stations in the log during F2 season