Es to EUROPE & AFRICA, 2003


May 20, 2003     9H1 (heard) ~2030z
May 25, 2003     EH8BPX (heard) ~2100z & D44TD worked locally earlier- not QRV for D4
June 6, 2003      9H, I & F     4 QSOs 1510-1538z
                           I, 9A, F, DL, GJ, 5B, S5     21 QSOs 1733-1834z (5B4FL QSO 9120 km Es)
                           GJ, F     2 QSOs 1948-1954z
                           F, I     3 QSOs 2058-2107z
June 10, 2003      EH     2 QSOs 1526-1701z
                           CT, F & I     5 QSOs 2105-2136z     CT/b intermittent; IN grids & JM76 (7700+ km)     Some weak CTs missed
June 13, 2003      9H, F & I     All Heard 1615-1645z     Mucho QSB/spotty- only 9H was in a workable length
June 20, 2003      IH9     1 QSO     1652z     JM56   Multiple 48.250 videos during IH9; missed GJ; Eu to FM06, nil here
June 21, 2003      CT, I & UT(heard)     4 QSOs     1330-1430z     Many SSB Italian stations, too hard to work here
June 23, 2003     CT3, EH     2 QSOs     1204z-1343z     Good opening ~1205z to 1255z- not able to participate.
June 25, 2003     CT, EH, CN & F     7 QSOs     1113z-1334z     HB9 on SSB, no QSO- cw much better mode, as usual.
June 26, 2003    G,SM,OZ,GM,PA, F     9 QSOs     2005z-2110z     LA & DL heard; weak extension to fantastic New England opening
June 29, 2003     CT,EH,CT3,5T     10 QSOs     1901-2012z     CT0SIX/b & CN8MC/b heard; 5T in until around 2055z.
July 3, 2003       EH8     1 QSO     2141z     Heard CU1CB on cw ~2245z
July 4, 2003     CT3,EH8,EH,CU,CN,CT,I,F & 5T(heard)     19 QSOs 1556-2150z     5T in at 1050z and here much of the day-
                       many other stations heard but not worked; major opening to Italy 2054-2145z, many S9 stations SSB- QRL for much
                       of it; CN8MC/b in much of the day
July 5, 2003     EH     4 QSOs     1356-1445z     QRL early
                         F, I (heard)     1 QSO     1704z
                          CT, EH, 9H     4 QSOs     2036z-2051z     CT0/b
                          EH, EH9     2 QSOs     2340z-2343z     EH in til 005z & EH9 in til after 0015z July 6
July 6, 2003     YU, SV, EH & DL all heard     1200-1300z     Es to W1/Maritimes 2nd night straight. Open 0730z to EU, not QRV
July 7, 2003     G,EH,GW,I,DL,GU,ON,F,EH6     20 QSOs     2138z-2250z     QRT for Tstorm early part of opening; Open past 2300z.
July 8, 2003     OZ,SP,ON,PA,DL,OM,OE,YU,9A,I,HB9,F,EH,CT,IS0,9H,OK,G,GM,GD,GU,GW,EI,ZB2... Simply unbelievable.
                            62 QSOs     1144z-1544z; 2002-2212z     QRT much of the afternoon- open here.
July 9, 2003     CT     1 QSO     0002z
                         I,9H,EH,F     7 QSOs     1125z-1217z     Likely open sometime after 1500z, QRT.
                          EH,ON,I,G,EI,PA,GW,DL,F,EH6,CT,LX,GU     37 QSOs     2112z-2344z    
                          The latter from FM28 Delaware- Open an hour before 1st QSO but QRL
July 14, 2003     CT, EH (heard)     1 QSO     1211z     open ~1130-1500z to Iberia; also 2150z to EH; CT0SIX/b
July 19, 2003    EH8,CT3,CU,CT,EH,I,F,ON,IS0,S5,G,GW,PA,DL(hrd)     28 QSOs     1730-2052z     Lots of contest QRM; CN8/b
July 21,2003    UT,9A,G,GI,I,YU,GW,GM,S5,HB9,SP,ON    26 QSOs     1441-1714z    QRL early- band opened ~ 1130z;
                         KN45 (8057km),KN04 (7565km),KO02 (7159km) wrkd; LY,YO & OE heard.
July 22, 2003    ON,G,GW,GU,EH,CT,LZ,F     19 QSOs     1200-1352z     PA,I & DL heard; KN12 (7880km)
                          GM     1 QSO     1541z
July 23, 2003     EH     2 QSOs     1333-1343z     Also CT in at S9
July 24, 2003     EH, F (both heard)     1300z-1400z     didn't try
July 27, 2003     EH     1820-1900z     1 QSO     EHs & PA heard calling a deaf CY9A early opening, EU in for 45 minutes.
                          9H     2 QSOs     2257z-past 0030z     EU again calling CY9A with little response....
July 28, 2003     CT,CN,EH8 (heard)     2 QSOs     2121-2210     EH8 calling CY9A up to 5/7, didn't try. CT1ILT & 2 other CTs heard
August 10, 2003     EH     1 QSO     2138z

TOTALS 310 QSOs to 39 Countries


As of May 29, 2003, no strong videos yet heard out of EU; Some weak 49MHz videos from Africa or the Middle East heard May 27.
June 6- not QRV for early opening ~1130z or late opening ~2230z; FM & FY also worked; not QRV for PJ7
June 23- could not participate most of early opening- SV1DH loud but not hearing well around 1530z
June 26- parasitic opening (you sit, listen & pick off whatever happens to briefly make it South of New England)
As of July 4, certainly the best E season here so far. Many good openings.
NOTE: from July 5-7, open regularly between 1 & 2am local to W1/VE1, which is essential 90% of the time for EU propagation from here.
June 8, 2003 will likely go down as the best Es in history. Many W6/7 & VE7s worked multiple EUs. I was gone half the opening & still managed 24-26 countries. Inband video from EU appeared (weak) here!
July 19 - Strong opening but much QRM on both sides of the Atlantic due to contest
July 21 - Another great opening with a long extension. 1st Es KO grid & Es Ukraine for me. Strong 49MHz video in am.
July 28 - QRT til after T-storm earlier, strong videos when I got on, no one calling.