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CW Keying

Books and Articles

SB-220 QSK Modifications

The AD5X QSK Switch 

QRQ CW Operating Info/Tips

Download N0HFF's book "The Art & Skill of Radio-Telegraphy"

K5FO's article on iambic sending

Take a look at IK0YGJ's "Zen and The Art of Radiotelegraphy"

A great story about N2DAN and his paddles

Reference Books for Key Collectors

N7CFO's Telegraph Key Collecting

K4MSG's History of Vibroplex Telegraph Keys

K5RW's Tribute to Morse Telegraphy

Paddles, Keyers and Morse Practice

Morse Runner is a very neat freeware program that simulates CW contacts

N2DE's incredible CW Machine

The fascinating keys and paddles made by WB9LPU and more here

Some of my favorite paddles come from N3ZN

Restoration Information

See some amazing before-and-after photos, and learn about W4PAL

Keys restored by W. R. Smith

Custom Paddle/Key Fingerpieces

Looking for custom wood fingerpieces?  Try here

All these paddles are used to generate points for the greatest contest club in the world:

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Last Updated February 20, 2010