The Portable 2 Meter J-Pole

This is a simple portable 2-meter J-Pole. You start with a piece of 450-Ohm Ladder Line. I had a long piece of ladder line that I cut to 58-. This gave me 3/8 of extra wire. You attached the BNC or PL-259 to the bottom of the antenna or you can use a piece of coax. I used a 20-foot length of RG-8X. Attach the shield to one wire and the braid to the other make sure that wire maintains the spacing.


On the wire you attached the braid to measure up 2-5/8 up the ladder line (make sure you are measuring from where the braid is attached to the ladder line. Cut the one side of the ladder line attached to the braid. Measure up the same side and cut again (remember you are ONLY cutting the side of the ladder line attached to the braid.


On the wire you attached to the center conductor measure up 58-3/8. Cut the ladder line.


Now attach the coax end to your radio and SWR meter, you should have an SWR of about 1.5 to 1 from 145 Mhz to 148 Mhz.


I use mine mainly during thunder storms and for Camping. With the 20 feet of coax already attached it is easy to place this antenna on the end of a branch during camping or portable operations.