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N2VR NEWS: (March 2005) HF Antenna back online. Yes, we've moved! Finally got the HF 10-160 wire antenna up, not perfect but functional. Now on to put together the new shack. EME is out of the question at the moment, SRI.

Old News:
25 Dec 2003 WE ARE MOVING! Will still be in FN12 but won't be very active for a while. EME array is already down, HF antennas following slowly. Thanks to all for a wonderful 2003! Big news was finishing DXCC, very nice to have that cert.

Thanks to everyone who has kindly sent their QSL. Pse for sked possibilities, esp +1600 km QRP contacts, 2m EME contacts and "practicing English" DX contacts (vry 73 to China and Japan!!!). Hope to meet you on the air in the near future. 73 to you and your family!

US and DX stations looking for W2CXM - Cornell University Amateur Radio Club QSLs please for a sked.

Greetings from N2VR, Laurence 'Mike' Hammer. QSL via BURO 100%, or direct via callbook address with SASE. (If you think I owe you a QSL card please right now!) Previous call was KC2EAL, upgraded to Extra Class in August 1999. Callsign N2VR granted Nov 1999. QTH is Ithaca, NY, about 45 miles south-south-west of Syracuse NY. Amateur radio activities include:

Pics and Interesting Stuff

What good is a tower if you don't light it up at Christmas time? (Dec 2001, small 16k image)

We made a lot of contacts from a very minimal station near Cape Vincent in the Thousand Islands area of New York State in early July 2001. Here are pics of the 20m mobile antenna atop the car, and the operating position, radio and 12v battery. Thanks to the folks in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Europe and Africa who made this a fun week. In the end we only needed Antarctica for WAC portable with 15w ERP SSB!

2m EME

2m EME UPDATE 20 Dec 2003: Took 4x13B2 array down today for move. A sad day.

I caught the EME bug in Spring 2001. First we put up a 2x13B2 array which worked but was terribly weak for EME. Thanks Mom for the antennas, a great birthday present! Later in July 2001 we got a 4x13B2 EME array fabricated and running. Here is a pic of the 4 x 13B2 moonbounce array looking at the moon. SWR problems took a while to sort, in the end traced to a bad piece of brand new cable. Just goes to show you never know unless you measure it!

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