K2LIM multi-limited

The 6m sporadic-E returned this year, but mostly provided contacts to the same southeastern US locations repeatedly. In fact, we worked all grids in Florida, and all grids in Georgia. But the upper bands really shined. On Saturday evening we worked 662 miles into TN for our best 2m DX.

We also worked 660 miles into WI. When we re-started early Sunday morning we were still working out to Wisconsin on 2m. Later Sunday morning on the 2m LVA we were 5x9 in Indiana from 478 miles away. Sunday evening brought the DX for the upper two bands, allowing us to work 500+ miles on 432 for the first time. We ended up with all-time record QSO and grid totals on both those bands. We had a bit more FM simplex activity this year, too. Sporadic-E and tropo in the same contest was lots of fun.

Fun first, contesting second.