K2LIM multi-limited

The lackluster conditions on 6m were no reason to complain this year because at K2LIM, we had an incredible new 2m antenna to try out. Ken's latest creation is a 4-stack of omnis sitting high atop the Limo tower.

More than one operator at K2LIM reported pileups on 2m as a result of this top performer. We also broke 300 QSOs on 2m for the first time ever. In the final hour of the contest, Ken broke 500 miles on 2m by working northwest Indiana grid EN61 on a flat band.

Not bad for an omnidirectional antenna. Operators at K2LIM reported that this 4-stack omni was often the only antenna that could make the contact after trying all the others. The imagination runs wild thinking about what this antenna could do with a little ducting in one or more directions.

Fun first, contesting second.