K2LIM multi-limited

The highlight of June 2011 was the upgrade to each of the long yagi systems employed at K2LIM. For example, with the amp turned down to 500 watts, the 432 system had an ERP of 90,000 watts--just 10k short of an FM radio station. After one of the most active spring severe weather seasons in memory, the damaged 6m yagis were re-formulated into a bold new stack, launching our signals as far as Nicaragua. The new 222 and 432 long yagi stacks helped produce all-time high claimed QSO counts of 93 on both bands, which is helpful to the score since it's 2 points per QSO on those bands. Our 2m station, with antennas mounted to the Grid Square Limo, hit Fort Wayne, Indiana (424 miles), something that is becoming a regular occurrence now. The Limo kitchen was more comfortable than ever, with a raised floor to keep the mud out of the picture. Results for the Limited Multioperator category are now listed online here. K2LIM appears once again to be a top scorer among re-locatable limited multioperator stations.

Four bands, two days, one goal:  zero stress.