KA2LIM multi-limited

Team KA2LIM, one of the only re-locatable limited-multioperator stations in the US (and the top scoring one in this contest), has outdone its results from the previous June for the third consecutive year. Now with steerable takeoff angles on the 6m antenna system, we broke 600 QSOs on 6m and worked some double hop to the western US. On 6m alone, we worked VUCC in 7 hours 12 minutes (42 minutes quicker than last year) and reached a total of 170 grids in 39 states. Other equipment updates include omnidirectional FM antennas to go with last year's FM beams. Some highlights include breaking 1000 contest QSOs for the first time, breaking 300,000 points for the first time, working Louisiana on 2m sporadic-E (1125 miles), working Indiana on 222 (424 miles), and some DX on 6m (Bahamas, Cuba, Mexico, and Bermuda) from western NY gridsquare FN12. Not to mention the 6th place finish nationally and breaking the WNY section record that stood for 10 years. The Gridsquare Limo housed eight operators total throughout the weekend, keeping four operating positions staffed nearly full-time.

Four bands, two days, one goal:  zero stress.