FALL 432 SPRINT 2013
SINGLE OPERATOR CATEGORY (hilltop portable FN22)



    Icom IC-7000 mobile
    8 watts
    TE Systems 4410G amplifier at 50 watts out plus preamp


The 432 MHz fall sprint 2013 was sponsored by SVHFS, the Southeastern VHF Society. This single band contest ran from 7pm until 11pm local time, Wednesday, October 9th, 2013.

Just two days before the sprint there was a Tornado Watch posted for my area. Thankfully, all the severe weather and even the rain were erased by contest time, and I was setting up the antenna system in calm winds and warm temperatures at 1970 feet ASL.

With the best tropo predicted to be off to my west, I started the sprint by calling CQ with the beam in that direction. In 3 minutes I worked 3 stations in 3 grids and wished I could keep that pattern going for the whole sprint (I ended up working 10 consecutive QSOs before working my first repeat grid). VA3ELE FN03 was 5x7 from 213 miles away, although it doesn't hurt that he was using 18 wavelengths of combined boom length. Conditions remained good out that way, and I picked up VE3WY FN04 which is usually a tough grid for me to find. I ended the first hour with 14 QSOs--that's more than I usually make in the entire sprint.

KC2SFU showed up in the second hour to observe the goings on for a while. The second hour brought 6 more QSOs and some new grids, including VA3ZV EN82, my best DX at 327 miles (527 km). I did a lot of calling on CW starting in the 3rd and continuing into the 4th hour. The 3rd and 4th hours brought 4 QSOs each. I finished the sprint with 28 QSOs/16 grids, a sound beating of last year's result. This is now my best 432 sprint so far, and a great way to end the thrilling 2013 VHF contesting season. Official results are here.


              PTS.   GRIDS
432     28    56      16

--- Claimed score = 896 ---


PH 2304 VA3ELE   FN03  5x7
PH 2306 K8ZES    FN02
PH 2306 W2UAD    FN13
PH 2313 K1WHS    FN43
PH 2326 KA3QWO   FN20
PH 2330 W1XM     FN42
PH 2335 VE3WY    FN04
PH 2335 VE3ZV    EN92
PH 2342 W9KXI    FN12  5x9
PH 2346 KC2SFU   FN22
PH 2351 W2KV     FN20  new grid for him
PH 2351 WA3DRC   FN20
PH 2353 W2BVH    FN20  new grid for him
PH 2357 WA2FGK   FN21
PH 0015 KJ1K     FN32
PH 0011 K1TR     FN42
PH 0026 K1BXC    FN31  new grid for him
PH 0034 K1TEO    FN31
PH 0042 VA3ZV    EN82
PH 0053 WC2K     FM29  new grid for him
PH 0131 K8GP     FM19
PH 0133 N3RG     FM29
PH 0136 WA2ONK   FN20
CW 0156 K1KG     FN42
CW 0220 K4MSG    FM19
CW 0226 N2DCH    FN22
PH 0239 WZ1V     FN31
PH 0241 K1PXE    FN31