callsign: N2SLN
hilltop portable




I decided to use a hilltop in FN22 that I hadn't used in 3 years. A few months before the sprint, satellite imagery revealed that new tower construction was taking place on the hilltop. I didn't know whether the hilltop or access road would be closed due to the construction, so I left home with enough time to be turned away and still make it to "Hilltop B" before the start of the sprint. Luckily I found the access road still open and the hilltop still accessible, too. The cell tower technicians were still there working, so I asked if I would be in their way by parking my van nearby and they said no. I got the antennas set up by 5:45 PM so I walked back down the access road part way for some exercise, and took another walk on a trail on the other side of the hill.

The strategy for this sprint was to use an omnidirectional antenna for the first hour in order to see if I could break my previous first-hour record of 22 contacts. I was off to a good start with one contact per minute for the first 7 minutes. By the time the first hour was done, the omni had done its job, providing a new personal best of 25 contacts. I switched to the beam for the rest of the sprint. Tom KC2SFU, my second operator when roving, activated my "Hilltop B" and had to shut down due to rain, but not before handing out the only contact I had with my own grid. I was concerned that the rain might head east to where I was, but I lucked out because it took some other path. After a difficult September contest, the activity level in this sprint was a major improvement, and my all-time second best QSO count for this event. I found K0BAK/R in 3 of his 4 grids and he had great signals: FN10 5x8, FM19 5x7, and FM29 5x4. Thanks to some minor hurricane-induced tropo north of Hurricane Jose, the FN30 stations were louder than usual: AA2TT 5x9+10, WA2VNV 5x6, N2SLO 5x8. Best DX contacts were Maine station K1DY FN54 at 315 miles (506 km) for whom I provided a best DX to the west, and southern Virginia station KJ4MCZ at 457 miles (735 km) who was worked on phone. Other notable contacts were K3TLP EN91 (288 mi / 463 km) to the west, and VE3IQZ FN04 (226 mi / 363 km) to the northwest, for whom I provided a best DX.


              PTS.   GRIDS 
144     55    55       22

 === claimed score: 1210 ===


PH 2300 N1JEZ   FN44
PH 2301 W1VD    FN31
PH 2303 KA3FQS  FN20
PH 2304 NG3J    FN20
PH 2306 K3AJ    FM19
PH 2307 KR1ST   FN21
PH 2307 VE3ZV   EN92  5x1
PH 2312 W2KV    FN20  5x8
PH 2313 W1EX    FN42
PH 2314 N2NT    FN20
PH 2319 KC2SFU  FN22  5x9+10
PH 2320 K1TEO   FN31  5x9
PH 2326 K2ARM   FN33
PH 2329 WC2K    FM29
PH 2329 W9KXI   FN12  5x3
PH 2338 K1IIG   FN31
PH 2339 WA3NUF  FN20  5x4
PH 2341 W3ICC/3 FN20  5x1
PH 2341 W3EKT   FM19
CW 2352 K1DY    FN54
PH 2352 K1PXE   FN31
PH 2353 W2SJ    FM29  5x2
PH 2353 W2BVH   FN20  5x4
PH 2354 WA2FGK  FN21
PH 0010 AA2TT   FN30  5x9+10
PH 0014 N3RG    FM29  5x9
PH 0015 K1DS    FN20  5x5
PH 0018 KB3VQL  FN21
PH 0020 K3GNC   FN20  5x7
PH 0024 VE3IQZ  FN04  5x3
CW 0031 W1RGA   FN41
PH 0037 N3NGE   FN20
PH 0041 K3MD    FN10  5x7
PH 0046 KA1R    FN42
PH 0049 KA1ZE/3 FN01
PH 0051 K3TLP   EN91
PH 0053 K3TUF   FN10  5x9
PH 0118 WA2VNV  FN30  5x6
PH 0121 N2SLO   FN30  5x8
PH 0123 K3WHC   FN10
PH 0126 K0BAK/R FN10  5x8
PH 0132 KO4YC   FM17
PH 0133 K3ZO    FM18
PH 0139 KA2LIM  FN12
PH 0142 KJ4MCZ  FM06
PH 0211 K1HC    FN42
PH 0213 K1RZ    FM19  5x9
PH 0215 KA3FAD  FN20
PH 0215 N3BBI   FN20
PH 0223 K0BAK/R FM19  5x7
PH 0227 KW2T    FN42
PH 0242 WA2ONK  FN20  5x5
PH 0250 WB2CUT  FN20
PH 0251 AF1T    FN43
PH 0258 K0BAK/R FM29  5x4

N2SLN portable in FN22