FALL 222 SPRINT 2017



    IC-7000 mobile on 28 MHz
    1 percent power

    Downeast Microwave 222 transverter
    15 watts through external preamp and DCI bandpass filter

    TE Systems amplifier
    200 watts


This was the first fall 222 Sprint I have been able to do with MobileComm1, the new N2SLN contest vehicle. The past two had to be cancelled due to a combination of wx and the new vehicle not being ready yet. In 2014 I was getting intermod at this site on 222 and 432. This time I was prepared with bandpass filters on those bands. Once I got set up, I immediately turned the antenna toward the offending TV broadcast transmitters in Albany, NY and Wilkes-Barre, PA in order to see if the 222 filter was working. No interference!

Once the contest was underway, I spent the first 10 minutes calling CQ on 223.500 FM simplex on the vertically polarized Yagi. I turned the beam in 10 degree increments while calling CQ, but ended up with no takers, so I switched to the SSB Yagi and operated SSB/CW for the rest of the event. The tropo forecast showed dwindling prospects as sprint day approached, especially as Hurricane Maria was finally weakening and less able to produce tropo to the north. Nonetheless, signals were louder than expected on many paths. To the northeast I was able to work Maine station K1DY FN54 (315 mi / 506 km) for my best overall DX. To the east I worked 4 stations in FN42. Missed FN30 to the southeast despite targeting that area multiple times later in the sprint and hearing one station from there. Worked a few stations in the FM grid field with W8ZN FM09 being the best DX (296 mi / 477 km) and a terrific signal. To the west I was able to reach VE3ZV EN92 (287 mi / 462 km) and reached northwest to VE3CRU/R in both FN03 and FN04. I also worked VE2DFO FN25 who was 5x8 from 3 grids away.


222      32       19

--- Claimed score = 608 ---


2314   PH   VE3CRU/R   FN04
2316   PH   WZ1V       FN31
2319   PH   K1OR       FN42
2320   PH   N1JEZ      FN44
2320   PH   W1GHZ      FN34
2322   PH   W1ZC       FN42
2327   PH   VE2DFO     FN25  5x8
2334   PH   K1DY       FN54
2336   PH   N3RN       FN11
2346   PH   N2NT       FN20
2352   PH   KO1I       FN42  5x3 at 18W
0002   PH   W9KXI      FN12
0004   PH   K1TEO      FN31
0004   PH   VE3ZV      EN92  5x8
0010   CW   K1PXE      FN31
0016   CW   N1DPM      FN32
0018   CW   K1GX       FN31
0034   CW   W2SJ       FM29
0040   PH   K1RZ       FM19
0040   PH   W8ZN       FM09
0046   CW   AA2UK      FM29
0049   CW   K3MD       FN10
0053   PH   VE3CRU/R   FN03
0057   PH   KV1J       FN44
0058   PH   WX3K       FN20
0101   PH   WA2LTM     FN20  5x5
0107   PH   K1TR       FN42  5x9
0127   CW   KA2LIM     FN12
0136   PH   K3TUF      FN10
0151   PH   AF1T       FN43
0224   PH   N1KOH      FN31
0252   CW   K2OS       FN13

N2SLN portable in FN22