CQ Worldwide VHF Contest 2006
callsign: N2SLN / M


    N2SLN -- solo effort from the mobile in the driveway; paper and pen logging (and dupe checking)!


    The "rover" vehicle was the personal vehicle of N2SLN. Rover is in double quotes because I was not operating in a rover situation--I only activated one grid.



    Icom IC-706mk2G at 100 watts


This is a VHF contest sponsored by CQ Magazine and occurs every year in July. It is less popular than the "big 3" ARRL contests in January, June, and September, so normally I use it to try new equipment or check out new rover sites rather than try to get a big score. But this time the conditions on 6m were unbelieveably good, so despite having company over for the weekend, I decided to steal away at every chance and operate when I could. This contest starts on a Saturday at 2 pm eastern time every year, and runs through 5 pm the next day (only 27 hours versus 33 hours for the big ARRL VHF contests). It is a two-band contest: 6m/2m only.

The "rover" vehicle (this time not used in a rover situation) was my personal vehicle in its usual state (without any special contesting equipment installed). I operated entirely from my driveway at 1790 feet above sea level in FN22 (central NY). My very first contact was double-hop E-skip on 6m (AF6O DM14) which also gave me a new grid, so that was an indication that this was to be an incredible time; it was also my longest-distance contact at 2317 miles (3728 km). This was only the second time ever in a contest that I've worked double-hop E-skip. The first was earlier this year in the June contest, so 2006 is turning out to be quite a year for a "bottom of the cycle" year! Now I wish I didn't have company that weekend so I could have put forth a more serious effort to take advantage of such great conditions.

My first contact was at 0040 UTC when I was first able to sneak out to the car. As the contest progressed, I noticed 6m starting to shorten up. Thirty-one minutes later I worked KF8QL in Michigan with 5x5 signals on both ends, and that's not very far from NY State (499 miles or 804 km to my location), so every few minutes I would check 2m for E-skip, but none was to be found. Forty-eight minutes later I was hearing even shorter skip to the Michigan area (K8KS/EN82 at 411 miles or 661 km, 5x7 signal here) but still no 2m E-skip. Conditions continued to be strong to the upper midwest until 0215 UTC on 6m, then suddenly there was a directional shift to the southeastern states. I began by working a station in Florida, then one from South Carolina, then Virginia, but still no 2m E-skip despite a second round of shortening paths.

I did pick up 4 new grids. I did not make any 2m contacts as originally planned, so I decided to put myself in the single-operator, single-band "high-power" category ("high power" at only 100 watts). I worked only 12.2% of the contest. I did begin assembling the 6m two-loop rover stack on Sunday, but was too busy with visitors to finish it before the end of the contest. My QSO rate was one QSO every 4 minutes and 25 seconds for 3 hrs and 18 minutes straight--not bad for a high radiation angle mobile whip and 100 watts. I worked almost 1/3 of the VUCC award in one contest--32 unique grids to be exact--all from the car. I was the only mobile station in the U.S. to submit a log (see for yourself) and was the only station in FN22 to submit a log. I worked 13 states [map] and Ontario, Canada, but no local contacts, probably a result of not going hilltopping and not using horizontally polarized antennas. I heard stations all the way up to 50.300, including USB stations on the meteor scatter frequency of 50.260 MHz. As far as frequency usage, this is the most activity I've ever seen in any 6m band opening since I got on 6m in 1997. After looking at the results from the 2002 attempt at this contest, this one turned out to be the better one. I tripled my 2002 score without making a single 2m QSO during this one. There is a writeup available here.


Band   QSOs    QSO pts.    Mults.
 50     47        47        32
144      0         0         0
TOTALS  47        47        32

        --- Claimed score = 1,504 ---


START-OF-LOG: 2.0 CALLSIGN: N2SLN/M CATEGORY: SINGLE-OP 6M HIGH CLAIMED-SCORE: 1504 CONTEST: CQ-VHF CREATED-BY: WA7BNM Web2Cabrillo 1.07 NAME: ADDRESS: ADDRESS: ADDRESS: OPERATORS: N2SLN SOAPBOX: QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0040 N2SLN/M FN22 AF6O DM14 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0041 N2SLN/M FN22 NW5E EL98 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0043 N2SLN/M FN22 KB8U EN71 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0047 N2SLN/M FN22 W9IU EN60 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0048 N2SLN/M FN22 K9ZO EN50 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0050 N2SLN/M FN22 N2BJ EN61 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0051 N2SLN/M FN22 K9VS EN52 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0104 N2SLN/M FN22 KC9BQA EN63 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0108 N2SLN/M FN22 W9RAY EN44 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0109 N2SLN/M FN22 K9AKS EN41 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0111 N2SLN/M FN22 KF8QL EN72 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0114 N2SLN/M FN22 W9CDL EN44 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0120 N2SLN/M FN22 N8BJQ EN80 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0128 N2SLN/M FN22 N8JI EN72 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0129 N2SLN/M FN22 K2DRH EN41 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0132 N2SLN/M FN22 WZ8D EM89 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0135 N2SLN/M FN22 KZ4RR EM90 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0138 N2SLN/M FN22 N0FW EM79 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0146 N2SLN/M FN22 KD4VRY EL96 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0147 N2SLN/M FN22 N5BO EM60 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0150 N2SLN/M FN22 VA3TTX EN82 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0159 N2SLN/M FN22 K8KS EN82 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0201 N2SLN/M FN22 N0URW EN41 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0204 N2SLN/M FN22 W9MZH EN71 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0209 N2SLN/M FN22 KB9UMI EN70 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0214 N2SLN/M FN22 WB9Z EN60 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0217 N2SLN/M FN22 K4SN EL96 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0219 N2SLN/M FN22 K4QI FM06 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0222 N2SLN/M FN22 KI9A EM58 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0225 N2SLN/M FN22 K8GP FM08 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0227 N2SLN/M FN22 NG4C FM16 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0229 N2SLN/M FN22 N4XD FM05 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0230 N2SLN/M FN22 KN4SM FM16 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0234 N2SLN/M FN22 N9LF EN60 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0240 N2SLN/M FN22 K4EA EM74 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0247 N2SLN/M FN22 W3HDH EN50 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0305 N2SLN/M FN22 NJ2F EL96 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0307 N2SLN/M FN22 AF4OD/R EM72 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0309 N2SLN/M FN22 KY5R EM64 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0311 N2SLN/M FN22 W4WA EM84 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0312 N2SLN/M FN22 K4DLI EM74 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 0316 N2SLN/M FN22 KR1ST EM92 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 1315 N2SLN/M FN22 WB2QLP EL96 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 1327 N2SLN/M FN22 K4EPS EL86 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 1329 N2SLN/M FN22 K9QVB EN45 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 1333 N2SLN/M FN22 K9HUY EL86 QSO: 50 PH 2006-07-16 1357 N2SLN/M FN22 AA4V FM02 END-OF-LOG:

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