VHF contest calendar 2023
Ohio ARES Simplex ContestSaturday, 14 January (10 AM - 4 PM EST)
WASH 2m Simplex Contest
southwest PA
Saturday, 14 January (7 PM - 11 PM EST) phone, CW, digital
ARRL January VHF ContestSaturday, 21 January (1900 UTC) - Monday, 23 Jan (0359 UTC)
Maine 2m FM Simplex ChallengeSaturday, 25 March (12:00 noon - 4:00 PM Eastern)
spring 2m SprintMonday, 10 April (7 PM - 11 PM local)
IARU Region 1 50 MHz MGM (Machine Generated Mode) Contest
Ontario QSO Party
Saturday, 15 April 1400Z - Sunday, 16 April 1400Z
Saturday, 15 April 1800Z - Sunday, 16 April 0500Z and Sunday, 16 April 1200Z - 1800Z
spring 222 SprintTuesday, 18 April (7 PM - 11 PM local) World Amateur Radio Day
spring 432 SprintWednesday, 26 April (7 PM - 11 PM local)
spring Microwave Sprint
(902 MHz and above)
Saturday, 06 May (8 AM - 2 PM local)
spring 6m sprintSaturday, 13 May (2300 UTC) - Sunday, 14 May (0300 UTC)
ARRL June VHF Contest Saturday, 10 June (1800 UTC) - Monday, 12 June (0259 UTC)
SMIRK 6m ContestSaturday, 17 June (0000 UTC) - Sunday, 18 June (2359 UTC)
IARU Region 1 50 MHz CW/SSB ContestSaturday, 17 June (1400 UTC) - Sunday, 18 June (1400 UTC)
CQ Worldwide VHF ContestSaturday, 15 July (1800 UTC) - Sunday, 16 July (2100 UTC)
222-MHz-and-Up Distance ContestSaturday, 05 August (1800 UTC) - Sunday, 06 August (1759 UTC)
10 GHz and Up Contest - First RoundSaturday, 19 August (0600 local) -
Sunday, 20 August (23:59:59 local)
fall 6m SprintSaturday, 26 August (2300 UTC) - Sunday, 27 August (0300 UTC)
ARRL September VHF ContestSat 09 September (1800 UTC) - Mon 11 September (0259 UTC)
10 GHz and Up Contest - Second RoundSaturday, 16 September (0600 local) -
Sunday, 17 September (11:59:59 PM local)
fall 2m SprintMonday, 18 September (7 PM - 11 PM local)
fall 222 SprintTuesday, 26 September (7 PM - 11 PM local)
fall 432 SprintWednesday, 04 October (7 PM - 11 PM local)
fall microwave Sprint
(902 MHz and above)
Saturday, 07 October (8 AM - 2 PM local)
PA QSO PartySaturday, 14 October (1600 UTC) - Sunday, 15 October (0400 UTC)
Sunday, 15 October (1300 UTC - 2200 UTC)
Solar Eclipse QSO PartySaturday, 14 October (1200 - 2200 UTC)
NY State QSO Partystarting Saturday, 21 October (10 AM Eastern) and lasting 12 hours
UK 6m Group Winter ContestFriday, 01 December, 2023 (0000 UTC) -
Wednesday, 31 January, 2024 (23:59:59 UTC)

2m SSB / digital / AM activity groups and nets
The 205 Morning Group8 AM Eastern daily144.205 northeast US
and southern Canada
net control KA1ZE/3 FN01xt
Rochester VHF GroupMondays 9 PM Eastern144.260
JMRA8:00 PM Eastern144.210
net control W3ERH FN21
Delaware Valley Friends Radio ClubFriday 7:30 PMhalf hour on 144.160
Sunday Morning Net10:30 AM Eastern144.250
net control N2FKF/NC2I FN30
Pine State NetTuesday 7:30 PM Eastern144.225 MA, NH, VT, RI
net control K1GUP
Mid South 2m SSB NetSaturday 9 PM Central144.255 (+/- if QRM)
Beam Spinners8 AM local Mon-Sat144.200 CO, WY, NM, KS, NE
net control WA7KYM DN71
Northern Lights Radio SocietySunday 9 PM CST144.260
net control KA0PQW EN33iu
Lowcountry DigitalSunday 8:30 PM Eastern
Wednesday 8 PM Eastern
145.700 (Contestia 64/1000)
net control KH6TY FM02
Western States Weak Signal SocietySunday 5:30 Pacific144.200
net control K6TSK DM03
            N8DEZ/N8OU DM04
Pacific Northwest VHF SocietySunday 8 AM local
Tuesday 8 PM local
St. PeteSunday 8:15 PM Eastern144.210 vert or horiz
net control WA4GCH EL87
Roadrunners Microwave GroupSunday 9 PM Central144.150
net control K5LLL EM10kf
PackratsMonday 8 PM Eastern144.150
net control K3GNC FN20ja
N0PBMonday 8 PM Central144.250
net control N0PB EM39wo
Florida SSBMonday 7 PM Eastern144.210
Rocky Mountain VHF+Monday 8 PM local144.220 CO, WY, NM, KS, NE
net control K0MLM DN70
Upper Rio GrandeMonday 8 PM local144.250
net control NM5F DM65
Guelph (Ontario)Monday 9 PM Eastern
Wednesday 9 PM Eastern
net control VE3XTM EN93un
San DiegoTuesday 7 PM local144.230
net control W6IPT DM13
Mud ToadsTuesday 8:00 PM local144.250
net control KD8UD and KD4AA FM17uv
W5VHF Weak Signal GroupMonday 8 PM Local144.190
net control N5NET EM26fg
North GAMonday 8 PM Eastern144.210
net control WA4NJP EM84
            W4TMW  EM84
Quebec (currently on hold)Tuesday 8 PM Eastern144.240
net control VE2JWH FN35
            VE2DC  FN35
QuebecThursday 8 PM Eastern144.240
Quebec City FN46
Quebec (currently on hold)Thursday 8 PM Eastern144.250
Montreal FN35
in French, vertical polarization
QuebecSunday 7:45 PM Eastern144.240
Montreal/Asbestos FN25/FN35/FN45
(except during contests)
Quebec activity night round tableFriday 8 PM Eastern144.240
Montreal FN35
French and English,
vertical and horizontal polariz.
AM NostalgiaTuesday 7 PM Central144.950
net control KC9CUK EN52
The 144.240 NetWednesday 8 PM Central144.240
net control WB9LYH EN54cl
The 144.252 NetMonday 8:30 PM Eastern144.252
net control K8TQK EM89je
SWOT netThursday 8 PM Central144.250
Gulf Coast SWOTFriday 7:30 PM Central144.250
Deep South Texas SWOTTuesday 9 PM Central144.250
net control N5SSH EL07go
North Texax SWOTWednesday 8 PM Central144.250
net control W5FKN EM13
OK SWOTThursday 8 PM Central144.250 OK, AR, TX, KS, MO
net control N5NET EM26fg
SE Ohio SWOTThursday 8 PM Eastern144.250
net control AB8XG  EM89
            KD8DJE EM89
Sidewinders Around MichiganSunday 9:30 PM local144.155
net control KF8QL EN72ew
Q5 netThursday 7:00 PM Central144.220 midwest/Great Lakes
net control N9JBW EN61ds
Northeast Weak Signal netThursday 8:30 PM Eastern144.250
Atlantic SSBFriday 8:30 PM Eastern144.240
net control WB4IXU EM86
Chicago-OhioFriday 7 PM Central144.215
net control KD8IME EN71
ChesapeakeSaturday 9:30 PM Eastern144.205
net control W3BFC FM18
Yavapai 2-Meter SSBWednesday 8:00 PM local144.250
net control WN7E
Southeastern U.S. WSJT Activity NightMonday 8:00 PM Eastern144.174 FT8
(then QSY up the bands ____.174)
or QSY ____.170 Q65-15A
chat FL, GA, SC, NC, AL, Cuba
Florida 70 cm FT8 Activity NightWednesday 8:30 PM local432.174
(144.174 and 1296.174 also used)
chat FL, GA, SC, NC
Texas 2m FT8 Activity NightMonday 0100Z144.174
southeast Texas 2m weak signal interest groupnightly 8:30 Central144.270 mostly vertical polarization
Massachusetts activity nightMonday 8 PM local144.195 USB
South Shore Massachusetts activity nightMonday 7 PM local144.244 USB


Loudoun Amateur Radio Group            Wednesday 8 PM Eastern    50.130  Purcellville, VA area (FM19dd)

Central Virginia 6m SSB Net            0800 Eastern              50.215

Packrats                               Monday 7:30 PM Eastern    50.145  net control N3RG FM29ki

Delaware Valley Friends Radio Club     Friday 8:00 PM Eastern    50.160  1 hour

Rochester VHF Group                    Thursday 9:00 PM Eastern  50.200

Tuesday 222 activity night          Tuesday 7:30-10:30 PM Eastern   222.100   K1WHS FN43mj in the state of Maine. As wx warms Dave may be at his camp in NH, but wants everyone to
                                                                              continue getting on the air anyway. To assist, consider using ON4KST chat, HB9Q, or W4DEX chat.
                                                                              His home station has 1500w into 4x22 elements at 100'.

Packrats                            Monday 8:30 PM Eastern          222.125   net control KB1JEY FN20je

Delaware Valley Friends Radio Club  Friday 8:30 PM                  222.125

EN82, 91, EM89                      Tuesday 8PM-10PM                222.100   check on ON4KST chat

Upper Rio Grande                    Tuesday 8PM Local               222.150   KC5EFM DM65

Rocky Mountain VHF                  Tuesday 8 PM Local              222.100   DN70/DM78 area

W5LUA trying to promote Tuesday 222 ACTIVITY NIGHT. "I generally just look towards Austin, then west, then north, and then finish down towards Houston and Louisiana.
Starting at 7PM. Usually done by 8 PM. Also look for Al and Dan WB5AFY daily 222.100 7:30 AM checking morning conditions."

Massachusetts activity night         Wednesday 8 PM Eastern    432.100

Delaware Valley Friends Radio Club   Friday 9:00 PM Eastern    432.160  half hour

N4PZ                                 Monday 8PM Central        432.100  net control N4PZ EN52  beams move east 8:45 PM Eastern

East Coast 70 cm Net                 Wednesday 9PM Eastern     432.090  net control W4DEX EM95tg
                                                                                    W4VHH EM95um
                                                                                    W4NUS EM95od

Packrats                             Monday 9 PM Eastern       432.110  net control WB2RVX FM29mt

Rocky Mountain VHF                   Wednesday 8 PM local      432.100  DN70/DM78 area

Upper Rio Grande                     Wednesday 8 PM            432.150  NM5F DM65

Florida Weak Signal Society          Thursday 8:30 PM Eastern  432.090

Florida 70 cm FT8 Activity Night     Wednesday 8:30 PM local   432.174 (144.174 and 1296.174 also used)  chat FL, GA, SC, NC

70cmers                              Thursday 7 PM Pacific     432.120  net control WO1S DM13

WB4IXU                               Friday 9:30 PM Eastern    432.110  net control WB4IXU EM86

Guelph SSB                           Friday 9 PM Eastern       432.210  net control VE3XTM EN93

Morning activity in the southeastern US is on 432.095 MHz.

Packrats                            Tuesday 7:30 PM Eastern    Coordinate QSOs on 144.260
                                                               Set up Q's at w4dex.com/uhfqso or Packrat Chat Page
Delaware Valley Friends Radio Club Friday 8:45 PM 1296.160 Upper Rio Grande Wednesday 7:30PM local 902.150 net control W7QQ DM65 Pacific Northwest VHF Society Sunday 0900 Pacific 1296.100 net control WB7BST CN87 10 GHz Colorado Activity Group Sunday 8 PM 10368.100 contact N0SP at
e a u @ h . e
p g s s m o n t