SINGLE OPERATOR CATEGORY (stationary mobile)


    4 over 4 elements: two horizontally polarized 2m end-mount yagis stacked vertically


    Icom IC-706 at 7 watts

    Mirage B1016G amplifier at 150 watts


The 2 meter fall sprint 2005 was sponsored by SVHFS, the Southeastern VHF Society. This single band contest ran from 7pm until 11pm local time, Monday, September 19th, 2005.

Some thought was given to entering the contest as a rover, but due to the contest being on a weekday, the lack of time forced me into the single operator category. The location was a favorite nearby rover site in my home gridsquare FN22. The antennas were at 1940+ feet above sea level with a downward slope in all directions, plus there was no foliage in the immediate area. The weather was great and there was a good breeze to keep the mosquitos away. Unfortunately, there was occasional receiver desensitivity from commercial radio installations on the hilltop. The "desense" was a result of NYSEG data transmissions on 161.025 MHz only a few yards away.

There was no band enhancement of any kind, but I was pleased to hear lots of participation. Contacts were made at an average rate of about 1 QSO every 8 minutes, and I operated 56% of the sprint. Interestingly, none of my contacts were the result of my calling "CQ contest". One of the most interesting contacts was with AF1T who was located on the island of Martha's Vinyard (FN41) which was also my longest distance reached to the east at 265 miles (427 km). The best DX to the south was K9GY FM08 at 308 miles (496 km), also my longest distance reached in this contest. The most often-worked grid was FN20, and one station from that grid (station K3YWY) had a 5x9+50 signal on this end--he was running 300 watts from a mountain top location. Apparently FN22 was not very active because several stations thanked me for a new grid.

Here is a list of stations I heard but was unable to work: K8ISK, K3LFO/M, W3DIO, NQ2O FN13, VE3XK FN15, KA2BKG FM19, WS3F, and WA1T.


              PTS.   GRIDS             PROVINCES
144     17    17      11        7          1

          --- Claimed score = 187 ---


1926    KW1AM      FN41   FN22 a new grid, QSL card requested
1929    W3SO       FN00
1932    K3TUF      FN10
1935    KA2LIM     FN12
1942    K1RZ       FM19
1949    N2NT       FN20
1952    K3GMT      FN21
2028    K9GY       FM08
2030    W3ZZ       FM19
2037    K3YWY      FN20   5x9+50 here
2050    WA3NUF     FN20
2100    W2EV       FN03
2108    K1TR       FN42   5x9+20 here
2117    WZ1V       FN31
2118    AF1T       FN41   Martha's Vinyard
2127    WB2YL      FN21
2141    VE3BHI     FN03   Ontario, Canada

"If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the N2SLN rover team."