Welcome to the homepage for the 146.835 Manahawkin, New Jersey Repeater


(formerly N2OO/rpt)
The Manahawkin Repeater

since 1975


835 Amateur Radio Group, Inc.
c/o John Bodine, WU2E
1125 Barnacle Drive
Manahawkin, NJ 08050




The Manahawkin Repeater is a GE commercial grade repeater.



The "Manahawkin Repeater" is the primary 2 meter communications repeater in Southern Ocean County. It is affiliated with RACES and ARES. It has been operated by "The 835 User Group" since it's beginnings back in 1975. The 835 User Group works in a cooperative agreement with State and County Emergency Management.

The "User Group" is comprised of 8 board members who manage the operation of the repeater.

John Bodine WU2E
Tom Kutylowski N2CZ
Steve McGarry W2USF
Bill Clanton N2EID
Bob Wick N2HM
Paul Dalton, KA2ENC
Bob Schenck N2OO

The User Group is also comprised of "
supporting members" who contribute to the operation and maintenance of the repeater. Suggested "contributions/dues" are $25.00 per year and includes ALL licensed "hams" living in your household.
These "contributions/dues" are collected on an "as needed" basis, and in "one time" collections. We do not make collections more often than once a year. Often times in the past, we ran as long as 2 years or more before needing to make a new collection. But, we only guarantee one year minimum. People who join during an already running dues period will be prorated upon renewal in the next dues period. "
Supporting members" are not voting members. The "organization" of this group is made this way simply to "pay the bills" and operate the Manahawkin Repeater in the simplest way possible.

Callsign - WU2E/rpt
The 835 Manahawkin Repeater is located on a local broadcast tower in Manahawkin, New Jersey.
The antenna at 280 feet provides approximately a 50 mile radius of coverage throughout Ocean County
and beyond.
Input is - 600 (146.235 mhz)
PL is on at all times.
PL is 3A or 127.3 hz
Transmit PL (for your decode radios) is also 127.3 hz

This repeater is an OPEN repeater. All are welcome.
Since we are affiliated with State/County RACES and Emergency Management, we MUST defer to them for drills or when an emergency is declared.
Local ARES also uses this repeater and we should also defer to them when they need access to the repeater.
Our "local" radio club
(Old Barney Amateur Radio Club) also often uses this repeater for public service functions, and we defer to them in these situations as well.

How to join
Support your local repeater!
All licensed "amateur radio operators" are welcome to join as "supporting members".
Just send $25.00 to the address above. Make checks out to: “JOHN BODINE” with memo “835 Users Group”
Be sure to include your name, call, address, tel#, and email address. Include names and calls for any other licensed family members who live in the same household. Also, advise us if you are:
An ARRL member? An ARES member? A RACES member?
For more information, drop an email to us:


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January 10, 2020