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Command summary for FlexNet Nodes
(Version 3.3g)

A   shows information about Destination calls
B   shows beacon text
C [options] connect to station ; possible options:
   : use path via
   : use path via with
   : use path via
   (a maximum of 6 of these options can be given)
C - change to (user)port
C shows all participants of convers (with
    channelnumber) and users of the infobox
    (with '---'); after the prompt 'channel?' you
    can type the channel number to enter a spe-
    cific channel or type RETURN to go back to
    the infobox
    commands in the convers mode:
    /w shows all users of convers and infobox
    /w shows all users of convers channel
    /c shows the current channel number of the convers
    /s sends to the user
    /t starts talk mode to user
    /t exits talk mode
    /q Quit, exits convers or talk mode
D shows destination table (list of reachable nodes) with SSID range and RTT in tenth of a second
D like D, shows only destinations with the
    string e.g. prefix or suffix
D * like D, shows also destinations that would
    be available via a loop
D * combination of 'D *' and 'D '
D shows RTT and choosen path to
D * shows RTT via different available paths
D shows RTT of all nodes of the path in between
F search for
H shows this help text
I shows information about the node
    (if available)
L shows link information of the node
L * like L, additionally shows the last 16
    measured RTT's
LO shows local info text
M connects to the (local) mailbox (if defined)
M ? shows call of the (local) mailbox (if defined)
MH shows MHeard list: list of stations with
    time since the last activity;
    possible options:
    : callsign
    : shows only stations with
    the string
    e.g. prefix or suffix
    : shows last 16..300 entries;
    default: 30 entries
MY shows callsign of the node with SSID range
P shows parameters (layer 1/2 parameters)
P * like P, with additional information
    (see below)
P [*] like P or 'P *' only for port
Q disconnect from the node
S shows searchpaths for the FIND command
    (setsearch text)
ST shows internal port statistics
T talk mode, sends to user
T * sends to all users connected to
    the infobox
T starts talk mode to user , the talk mode
    uses the same command set like the convers
U shows user list; possible options:
    '*' : also shows Maxframe and Frack
    '=' : shows only the QSO's directly
    with the node (infobox)
    : shows only QSO's on port
    : shows only user

Additional information when using the commands 'L *' and 'P *' :

    (d:142 v:1 t:193d,14h)
+---------- time since last start/reset (uptime)
    +-------------- software revision (minor updates)
    +-------------------- number of destinations stored in the
    routing list; these destination are
    reachable via FlexNet routing


- John Romano N2NSA

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