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Radio Monitoring
One of my biggest passions in life is radio monitoring. If it's some form of radio frequency information, I'll listen to it! And you'd be amazed at the wealth of invisible information that passes around you every second of every day.
When's the last time you hung out under the stars?
I love to fly...when I'm the pilot that is!
My car (helps add a little color!)
2004 Satin Silver Metallic/Ebony TSX 6-speed

Previously...Red '96 Honda Prelude VTEC
Gotta have a dream...
Working for a Living
  • I attended RIT for Computer Engineering
  • I did several co-ops for IBM while in college
  • I started with IBM in New York's Hudson Valley in 1989
  • I transferred to Research Triangle Park(RTP), NC in 1993 (map 38K)
  • I now work on the PowerPC 400 Family of embedded microprocessors.
  • Specifically, I work on RISCWatch for PowerPC 400, 600 & 700 microprocessors
  • Other Passions & Interests
  • Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!
  • Is there emptiness in your life?
  • Are you looking for God?
  • How do I become a Christian?
  • Me and Miss Lydia...the happy couple
  • The Miss Lydia gallery: Pic #1, Pic #2, Pic #3, & Pic #4
  • Our Wedding - October 23, 1999
  • Our Honeymoon - Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Our first born...Kimberly
  • Our second born...Lauren; as cute as fairies get!
  • Our new church, Fellowship Bible Church
  • Two of our great cats Piper and Herschel
  • The latest feline addition, Merlin Wells, rescued from the Wake County Animal Shelter
  • Sony PlayStation & PlayStation 2
  • Home Theater Audio/Video
  • Star Trek - Make it so!
  • Star Wars - May the Force be with You!
  • Jogging
  • Reading - anything and everything - but especially Christian literature and the Bible
  • Music - may Huey Lewis and the Eagles live forever!

  • Questions? Comments? Send e-mail to [email protected]

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