My Love of Flying

Rich Wells N2MCA

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Flying progression(from John/Jane Doe to airline pilot)
  • First Class Citizen
  • Private Pilot(PP)
  • Instrument rating
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Certified Flight Instructor(CFI/CFII)
  • Multi-engine(ME) rating
  • Airline Transport Pilot(ATP)
  • There are other licenses and ratings
  • Recreational Pilot
  • Glider
  • Seaplane
  • Rotorcraft(helicopter)
  • Airship
  • My flying experience
  • I got my wings at Franklin County Airport near Louisburg, NC. The best FBO and bunch of people you'll meet!
  • Introducing Private Pilot Wells
  • I've flown up and down the east coast from Buffalo, NY to Tampa, FL. Flying over the Blue Ridge mountains is an incredible experience!
  • Photo Gallery
  • A shot I took of Franklin County Airport
  • On final approach for Runway 5 at Piedmont-Triad International(GSO) airport in Greensboro, NC
  • A American Airlines Boeing 767 turning off after landing at RDU International
  • The US Air ramp at GSO
  • The concourse at GSO
  • Chair flying
  • Flight simulators offered today are incredibly advanced!
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator is probably the most popular and allows you to fly several different aircraft around the continental US. There are also upgrade scenery packages that have dense detail for Hawaii, Paris, Tokyo etc. Other packages allow you to design your own scenery, and design and test-fly your own aircraft!
  • subLogic makes some wonderful simulators like ATP, Flight Lite and Flight Lite Plus that also offer sound packages with real air traffic traffic controllers that tell you what to do and an instructor that grades you after you land! Fly everything from a Cessna 172 Skyhawk to an Airbus 320 to a Boeing 747. They also offer incredibly detailed scenery on two CD-ROMs which cover the entire continental US!
  • There are even a couple of simluators that allow you to play air traffic controller. Playing one of these in even a moderate difficulty setting will make you VERY appreciative of the great jobs these people do everyday! Graphical views of radar displays and out the tower cab views let you watch MANY different types of planes, land, taxi, take-off and even crash if you mess up!
  • Discovery flight
    Most fixed base operators(FBO) at local airports offer a $20 discovery flight to introduce you to the joy of flying. Try it and experience the feeling of soaring above it all!
    Good aviation Web pages
  • AirNav
  • AVweb
  • First In Flight Aviation
  • FirstFlight
  • Intl Council of Airshows
  • Jeppesen
  • Landings
  • Good aviation USENET groups
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