N2KTO      David R. Hubbell/HubTech

Picture This picture was taken on a backpacking trip with KF2KX on Slide Mt. in the Catskill Mts. of NY.

A while ago as anyone who knows me can tell by the amount of hair I still have on my head in the picture.

I am very interested in Ham Radio, Skiing, Back packing and Computers.
Favorite Sites
MapQuest  This sight is a must for the DXer or just finding out "where they live".  It will also allow you to print out a map or rout to the location entered.

AvWeb      This sight is a must for the aviator.

Contact Information

While out of the country I use [email protected] to collect mail.

and a web page to get most of the info that I use on a daily basis is.



[email protected]

I would like to thank Kevin Dory for his help and time in putting this site together.  A better Elmer can't be found.


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