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 List of APRS Emergency Beacons recorded - last 24 hours

Location of APRS Stations currently digipeating through the International Space Station

Location of APRS Stations currently digipeating through PCsat (NO-44)

Location of APRS Stations currently monitored in North America

Location of Winlink 2000 TELPAC Gateway Stations currently active World-wide  

Track, Location, Current Position and Messaging of APRS Stations
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 Graphic summary from call for the last hours
Find APRS Weather Stations in the vicinity of

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View NOAA Weather Alerts and Radar Images in vicinity of
 NOAA Weather Alerts 
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 NOAA Weather Radar 
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Display Raw Data for Specific Station - Use specific CALL-SSID (no wildcard)
Position -  for call start hrs ago, get hrs of data
Weather - for call start hrs ago, get hrs of data


N2IXD Special Station Identification (SSID)

N2IXD Home/Mobile Normal Voice and Data operations
N2IXD-1 Home Station Connect to N2IXD-1 for Packet Mailbox. Reserved for PacLink access to N2IXD-10 TELPAC Gateway during ARES activation
N2IXD-2 Experimental Experimental station for hardware/software system development
N2IXD-3 Home Station TCP/IP or Space / Satellite operations
N2IXD-4 Portable Station Yaesu VX-5 @ 5-Watts interfaced to Compaq-1650 Laptop computer. AGW Packet Engine, UI-View APRS, UISS Software
N2IXD-5 Home Station VHF/HF APRS (ECHO,GATE) GATEway. 144.390 mHz FM and 10.151 mHz LSB
N2IXD-6 Home Station VHF/VHF APRS SGATEway. Input from International Space Station 145.800 mHz FM and PC-SAT (NO-44) 145.825 mHz FM gated to 144.390 mHz FM APRS
N2IXD-8 Remote Access For packet remote system administration 
N2IXD-9 Mobile Station APRS Tracker in my SUV using TinyTrak and GPS. Monitor 144.390 mHz FM with APRS client software
N2IXD-10 Home Station WinLink 2000 TELPAC Gateway - Telnet <-> Packet Bridge. PacLink stations connect to N2IXD-10 on 145.010 mHz 
N2IXD-11 Weather Station APRS Weather Station (Future use)
N2IXD-13 Remote Access For packet remote system administration 


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