The missing Q signals...

For some reason these Q signals didn't make it into the original list!

• QAS - I am speaking out of my ass
• QAS? - Are you speaking out of your ass?
• QBA - My antenna is BIG!
• QBA? - How big is your antenna?
• QBO - Don't sit next to that guy in the meeting.
• QBO? - Buddy, can you spare some soap?
• QBS - It's getting deep in here.
• QBS? - Did I tell you about the one that got away?
• QBS - Clean the bird sh*t off your antenna so you can hear me
• QBS? - Should I clean the bird sh*t off my antenna so I can hear you
• QCP - I am using Cat Power(From Rotary Cat Power Wheel)
• QCP? - Are you using Cat Power?
• QCW - I am going to whistle Morse Code on FM (or SSB)
• QCW? - Why are you whistling Morse?
• QDR - Damn Right the frequency is busy!} In response to QRL
• QDR? - Do you have a Receiver?} In respone to QRL
• QET - Phone home.
• QET? - Has anyone called me from another planet?
• QEW - Copy is difficult due to Ear Wax.
• QEW? - Is copy difficult due to Ear Wax?
• QFF? - How hi are the front feet on yer radio?
• QFF 2 - The front feet on my radio is 2" high.
• QFH - This frequency is MINE! - go elsewhere.
• QFH? - Is this frequency hogged?
• QHI - I am jumping in quick to say hi, then going QRT.
• QHI? - Are you leaving after only one transmission?

• QKB? - How many knobs does your radio have?
• QKBn - My radio has "n" knobs.
• QKN? - How many of them do you know how to use?
• QKNn - I think I know how to use "n" of them.
• QLF - I am sending with my left foot.
• QLF? - Are you sending with your left foot?
• QLK - I am sending with my left foot and keyboard.
• QLK? - Are you sending with your left foot and keyboard?
• QNO - I am sending through a non-standard orifice.
• QNO? - Are you sending through a non-standard orifice?
• QOF - Yes, I am an Old Fart.
• QOF? - Are you an old Fart?
• QOK - Your last transmission was Okie Dokie.
• QOK? - Was my last transmission OK?
• QPM - Your signal is purr modulated.
• QPM? - Is my signal purr modulated?
• QRC - Warning, rag chewer on frequency.
• QRC? - Are you a rag chewer?
• QRG - You are transmitting in or near the (wave length) amateur band.
• QRG? - Am I transmitting in or near an amateur band, and if so which one?
• QRW - Means Qrp - Really Weak
• QRW? - Qrp, you are Really Weak?
• QWC - I have to go to the bathroom
• QWC? - Do you have to go to the bathroom?
• QZZ - I fell asleep at the mike.
* QZZ? - Is that a 60Hz hum, or are you snoring?


English translations for commonly heard hamfest terms and phrases



This is a really good CW rig It doesn't work on SSB
This is a really good SSB rig It doesn't work on CW
This is a really good rig It doesn't work on CW or SSB
This rig puts out a BIG signal It's 50 kHz wide
The transmitter is outstanding   It doesn't receive
The receiver is really hot It doesn't transmit
This rig is really hot      It's stolen
It seems to be a regenerative type It oscillates
I just retubed it    Got 'em from questionable used tube stock
I just aligned it  The slugs on the transformers are jammed / broken
I don't know if it works  It doesn't work, probably never has
It doesn't chirp  It doesn't chirp because it doesn't transmit
The audio sounds great  The 120Hz buzz is faithfully reproduced
I just had it serviced I sprayed WD-40 over all the wiring
It comes with the original box Just brush out the kitty litter
Better buy it now, cause it won't last No translation needed
Sure, it works at full power  It sucks all it can from the wall
This rig has wide frequency coverage It drifts up, down and out of band
Frequency stability is great The VFO doesn't work - you'll have to use crystals
Real popular rig in its day  There were whole HF nets on the repair and maintenance problems
QST gave this one a really great review The language broke new ground for profanity
It might need a bit of tweaking Marconi himself couldn't fix it, much less align it
It was used in government service It was stored outdoors for decades on a wooden pallet
The dial drive may need lubricating The gears are stripped and the setscrews frozen
I plugged it in to check that it lights up The light came from the two foot high flames
I'm selling it because I have two of them I'm getting rid of my parts radio
You won't find one at a better price Better from the point of view of the seller that is
This is a collector's item The manufacturer just went belly up and won't honor the warranty
It came from an estate sale If you have any problem take it up with the owner
I had it on the air just last night And you thought the woodpecker was gone
It worked last time I used it if it still worked I'd still be using it
The only lightning damage was a fuse  The only thing that was left recognizable was a fuse
I have the [ ] somewhere, I'll send it to you You'll never see the [ ]
I'll help you carry it to the car I'll do anything to unload this piece of junk
It works ok on 80 meters It had some parasitics but I “fixed” it real good
There are a couple of other people interested in it  Someone sat on it to tie his shoelaces while walking by
Great rig! Belonged to my grandfather It died before he did
You'd better buy it now, because I'm leaving soon The previous buyer and his brother, Guido, are heading back this way and they're not smiling