This is Scamp, he's my buddy. I'm not certain what he is, some say he's part Sheltie, others say he's part Chow. I think any identification with a particular breed was lost a long time ago! I adopted him in 1994 from a local animal shelter, which screened me almost as thoroughly as if I were adopting a child.

My buddy Scamp I don't know too much about him. He was about 1 year old when I adopted him and I know he was picked up as a stray in Joliet. I also found out, but only after I signed the adoption papers, that he had been adopted once before and returned within 24 hours. The agency didn't say why he was returned, but I thought he deserved a fair chance. When I first brought him home he ran around the house for an entire day smelling everything. I followed him everywhere making certain that all four paws stayed on the floor! I guess he just wanted to get to know his new home.

He loves people (maybe it's just the attention!), but he's very protective of his home. He'll growl and bark at anyone or anything that dares come near the house -- postal carriers, other animals, snowmen, even the occasional falling leaf! Of course, if you bring him a treat or at least pay him some compliments, you are a most welcome visitor. When he's outside though, everyone is a playmate. I've adopted his attitude and been much happier for it. I now think of work as a playground, and all my colleagues as playmates. Just like any other playground there are the bullies, the cry babies, the complainers, and those of us who just want to have fun!