This is my most recent QSL. I've moved around so often that I've had several cards (including some really tacky temporary cards). By the way, moving around is also the reason that I don't yet have my WAS. Well moving and the fact that I'd rather rag-chew than chase a station just to make a contact. I earned the RCC certificate within a week of getting my first ticket!
My most recent QSL card

Speaking of QSL cards (that was the topic, right?) - after nearly 30 years as a ham I still enjoy sending and receiving QSL cards. I put every one I receive up on my wall. Whenever I send a QSL I'll include an SASE. Many hams return the SASE, but some folks just can't afford to send lots of cards. During one of my many moves, some original QSLs and log books were lost (yes, I still keep a log!). I'm more careful with them now.

I've started maintaing a computer log (I use Log-EQF, very nice!), but I still make entries into the paper log first - it's just more flexible. Besides, the computer does cause a bit of RFI, and take up valuable table space!