This is me sitting by my radios. Yes, I know it's blurry! The digital camera doesn't appear to focus well in low light levels (well the light level was low before the flash went off!) I am usually the person behind the camera, I really don't like being on the other side.
Me by my radios
If you're really sharp (and not just looking at my pretty face), you will notice a Ten-Tec Centaur amplifier in this picture which is not in the picture on my 'shack' page. Before I was able to get my other amplifier shipped from NY (a Ten-Tec Titan), I needed a bit more power than the TR7's 150 watts (hey, rag chewers need power once in a while too!) I found the Centaur to be a wonderful amplifier. It's rugged, runs cool, has fast QSK, and is very forgiving. I'll be moving a Ten-Tec Omni VI Plus into the shack soon. I'll have to take another photo then - it's too warm for a sweatshirt now anyway!