Paul Bourque
Middletown, CT 06457
Middlesex County
Grid Square FN31qn

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This page last updated 06-May-2019

A Little About Me: Originally licensed as a No-Code Tech in 1994- upgraded to General in 2017 and passed my Extra in 2019- N1SFE is my original call from 1994. In the 90's and early 2000's, I was very active on the VHF and UHF bands, but interest wanted in the later part of the decade and I wasn't on the air much, but still made sure to renew my license.

I was bitten by the bug again in 2017, when I regained an interest in AM DXing (which always fascinated me when I was younger) and realized that I didn't have any decent receivers. When I started searching for a good receiver, many of them were also HF transceivers, so I decided to study and upgrade to General- which I passed in Sept, 2017. Once I made my first HF contact, I was hooked, and then upgraded to Extra in June, 2018.

Currently, I'm on the air on 40-20-17-15 meters using 2 homebrew dipoles. I'm also frequently on the local 220 mHz repeaters from the mobile. I love building antennas, and am always tweaking for the best performance (aren't we all?) I was able to get my mixed DXCC and WAS awards in March, 2019. I'm amazed what "100 Watts and a Wire" will do!

I do enjoy the occasional ragchew and working DX, and love collecting paper QSL cards, as well as confirming QSO's on QRZ and Logbook of the world. I upload contacts to LOTW daily. If you send me a card, I will reply 100%! If you send a card from within the US- no need for a SASE- I will send one back. I generally upload my logs to LOTW and QRZ on a daily basis, and update Clublog a couple of times a month.

I'm occasionally active on the local FM repeaters- see the list below for the VHF/UHF repeaters that I can often be found on.

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Callsign: (Exact Callsign Only)

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Repeaters I normally can be found on:

West Hartford224.940
Vernon *442.600
Vernon *224.360
Vernon *147.345
East Hampton %147.135
Terryville %147.315
"*"= KB1AEV Linked Repeater System
"%"= KB1CDI Donkey Dusters Repeater System


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Scanner Information:

Middletown, CT Area Scanner Frequencies:

155.370MiddletownPolice F1 (Primary Dispatch)Also Portland PD
159.450MiddletownPolice F2 (Secondary Dispatch)
155.670MiddletownPolice F3Simplex
155.535MiddletownPolice F4Simplex- Portland Talkaround
155.085MiddletownFire DispatchTones Simulcast on 46.18
151.325MiddletownSouth District Fire DispatchTones Simulcast on 46.18
159.270MiddletownWestfield Fire DispatchTones Simulcast on 46.18
154.0475PortlandFire DispatchTones Simulcast on 46.18
154.430CromwellFire DispatchAlso Tones on 46.18/Simulcast on 46.10
154.340BerlinFire Dispatch
155.490East HamptonPolice F1
159.135MiddletownDPW/Water Dept
155.835MiddletownEmergency ManagementAlso for Incident/Lifestar LZ Coord

All frequencies utilize repeaters unless otherwise specified.

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