Northern New Hampshire AllStar Network
John - N1PCE

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  • When in the nouth country area, be sure to come visit with us on the systems.

    N1PCE/R 145.370MHz - 114.8 in Whitefield - ASL Node 43299
    N1PCE/R 449.825MHz - 123.0 in Whitefield - ASL Node 41305
    N1PCE/R 147.315MHz + 100.0 in Groveton

    K1EME 145.430MHz - CC1 Cannon Mt - DMR BrandMeister
    TS 2 TG 313327 is the LARK talkgroup

    Network Status:

    Status for all systems can be found at:
  • Main Page for Northern New Hampshire AllStar Network

  • Net schedule:

    The "North Country Weather Net" is on Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri at 8pm (local) on the AllStar Network

    Plans are in the works for more bands on this network.

    Other Local Repeaters:
    A very complete listing for repeaters in New England by N1ZZN

    Photos of the Groveton Repeater

    Groveton Photos

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