Morse Code: Breaking the Barrier


Chapter 1: The Fun Mode
The Appeal of Morse Code; Beyond the Negatives.
Chapter 2: Fifteen Decades of Telegraphy
The Telegraph; Telegraphy Goes Wireless; Radiotelegraphy at War; Amateur Radiotelegraphy; The Morse Operator.
Chapter 3: Fast, Effective Code Training Using the Koch Method
What Is Code Proficiency?; The Traditional (and wrong) Training Technique; The Right Attitude; Things to Avoid; The Koch Method; Using the Koch Method; Koch Training With a Computer; Using the MFJ-418; Higher Speeds.
Chapter 4: Talking With Your Fingers
Sending Code Properly; Straight Keys; Bugs; Electronic Keyers and Paddles; Keyboards
Chapter 5: On the Air
The CW Bands; Starting Out; Calling and Answering; Signal Reports, Q Signals and Abbreviations; Break-In; Making Your QSOs Interesting.
Chapter 6: Joining the Fun
QRP; Contests; Ragchews; Mobile CW; ...And More.