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Passover and the Pool 2002 Lion Country Safari 2002
Ilyse Special Olympics 2002 Ilyse Little League 2002
A few Misc. pictures


Candy, the Ross Family's newest edition (woof woof)

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house1.jpg (62180 bytes)This is our home.  The area is full of many 250 and 300 year old homes.  Many have historic places in the town and in the adjacent town of Marblehead.  Plaques appear on quite a few that show their significance from the early parts of the community. We also have a historical plaque on our home that says: 

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We are directly in the middle of the picture on the
east coast of the United States.

(If you go on at night, remember the sun is down and you are seeing all the lights along the coast!!)
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Barnard College

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