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    Welcome to my Web Page. My name is Steven Desmarais
and this is my first attempt at constructing a web site, so don't laugh
to much!  I have been a Ham Radio Operator for 10 years now and
hold an Extra Class Ticket. My primary interest are: HF(high frequency) operation which initials CW(morse code), SSB(single side band) and SSTV(slow scan television). This region of the radio spectrum is where "Ham Radio" was born. It usually can support communications worldwide and is also very interesting to monitor. There are  hundreds of "Short Wave" stations worldwide broadcasting 24 hours a day! Also shared here are marine, aircraft, government, image satellites.

    The most recent addition to my shack is a 2 meter transverter by
TenTec. I bought this as a kit and had a blast building it. It uses a
28 mhz IF and can take up to 20 watts input, and works very well
will my FT990. Also I home brewed a 13 element long spaced boomer
to compliment the transverter. The boom is 23.5 feet long and has
stainless steel elements except for the driven, and is feed with LMR400
coax. We will give VHF weak signal a shot and see what's happens.
If it works well, maybe Ill try to get active on other VHF/UHF bands!

      The purpose of this site is to share my interest of the
radio hobby with other "Hams" or anyone else who has interest
in radio. I hope you enjoy your visit, and as we say, 73's...

e-mail [email protected]

      See my homrbrew 4CX1500B amplifier
         See my vintage Hallicrafters station!

See my homebrew 80 meter vertical



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