FT-1000MP Key Click Mod

Thanks to Ed, W2UV for his expert assistance during this project
Due in large part to the work of W8JI and W2VJN, a fairly easy mod is available to remedy the
terrible keyclicks transmitted by the FT-1000 series of radios.  I'm focusing on the FT-1000MP here
but equivalent information for the 1000D and MkV is also available.  

Please read both these documents as a first step:

W8JI FT-1000MP Mod Info
Inrad FT-1000MP Mod Info (PDF)

From all the information I gathered, I felt it unnecessary to experimentally determine the resistor
values per W8JI's original mod but to increase the amount of resistance over the Inrad mod per the
findings of W8JI and others.  I used 235K ohms (two RS 470K resistors in parallel) along with one
.1uF and one .047uF ceramic disc capacitor.

N1EU Experience

(please read these tips after reading the W8JI and Inrad material)
  • To get at the rf board, I detached the fan from the heatsink assembly (2 screws), laid it aside and then removed the heatsink assembly. I lifted a few wires out of the cable guides. No cables had to be disconnected from the rf board. The shield around the left edge of the rf board easily comes off after 3 of the rf board screws are removed.
  • I removed all of the connectors on the if board because I was installing another unrelated mod at the same time. It might be possible to install the keyclick mod without removing the connectors. However, they are all easily removed and the board conveniently silkscreened with color designators. To remove the 3 ribbon connectors, lift up on the black plastic tabs on each side and the cable will easily come up (zero insertion force). To remove the small plastic connectors with individual wires attached, slip your smallest jeweler screwdriver between the connector body and receptacle shell on the side with tab hole to release the tab, and work the connector up with your fingernails.
  • When tightening the internal and external sheet metal screws on the MP, take great care that the screw is perpendicular (not canted) and the hole threads are centered. Screws should require very little force to turn until the last half turn - don't force them.
  • I had to depend on Radio Shack for my parts. I used .1uF and .047uF 50WVDC ceramic disc capacitors and two 470K ohm resistors in parallel (235K ohms).

    Before and After Spectra

    courtesy of Ed, W2UV

    Before and After Recordings

    The following edited audio clips feature the letter "v" first sent 3 times on the original FT-1000MP and then the modified FT-1000MP at various spacings. The receiver used was a little FT-817 with a 300hz filter. Please excuse the low level spurious products heard due to overdriving the FT-817 front end (S9+20dB), but they don't detract from the object of interest, the keyclicks being transmitted by the FT-1000MP. Click on any of the links below and either open the .WAV file or save it to your computer: 1.0 Khz spacing below fundamental 1.5 Khz spacing below fundamental 2.0 Khz spacing below fundamental 1.0 Khz spacing above fundamental 1.5 Khz spacing above fundamental 2.0 Khz spacing above fundamental I found the mod quite straightforward to install and ran into no snafu's. I urge all FT-1000 cw operators, and definitely every cw op running QRO, to install the mod or have the mod installed by someone else.
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