Invitation to Join

Membership in the Algonquin Amateur Radio Club is open to anyone with an interest in Amateur Radio or an interest in the club activities. You do not have to be a licensed Amateur Radio operator to join the club. Monthly Club meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month (except July and August) at
7:30 pm.   Refer to homepage for meeting venue.

The annual membership dues:

Constitution & By-Laws(pdf)

Application form (pdf)

If you are not licensed but would like to obtain your Ham license, the club has people ready to assist and guide you through the exam process. Exam sessions are held periodically supported by ARRL Volunteer Examiners. For up to date information please visit

Sponsor: Minuteman Repeater Association

Contact:   MMRA VE sessions at [email protected]

Almost every thing you want to know about Amateur Radio can be found at the web site of

The American Radio Relay League  (ARRL)

Last updated March 28, 2023