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ARS N0YGM, Amateur Communications Operations…


N0YGM, aka Ken Knight:


  1. Communications Operations Radio Station is FCC licensed to Ken Knight for Amateur, non-commercial purposes. This is one of many of my hobbies, which are self-funded.
  2. Location of N0YGM QTH is: Colorado Springs, Colorado USA Grid DM78ov @ tower base 38 degrees 54.95 North 104 degrees 46.20 West and at 7107 feet elevation above sea level.
  3. All modes of communications VLF-2GHz; and with selected reception through 40GHz are supported. All operations have been verified to be well within FCC specifications. All equipment is of commercial design and with FCC certifications as applicable.
  4. Monitoring operations include support for the SETI League Project ARGUS. "There is life out there, just wait!"
  5. Primary bands of transceiver operations include 6M, 2M, 1.25M 70CM and 23CM. Capabilities also exist for all HF bands as plans are to soon upgrade my license. (Can't miss this next sunspot activity!)
  6. Primary interests of operations include: Weak Signal monitoring (DX), Propagation Studies and Experimentation, Deep Space Radio-telescope, Radioastronomy Exploration, Emergency Services Support (ARES) and whatever else!
  7. Primary modes of operations include: SSB-Phone, CW, FM-Phone, WFM-TV; FM-Packet. Operations can include simplex, duplex; split band operations. Methods include ground wave, line of sight, scatter, tropo, EME, E-Skip; etcetera.
  8. Antenna types include tuned long wires, assorted verticals and assorted horizontal yagi arrays. Also, circulars and omnidirectional square loops are used both for base and mobile. RF power output is: HF bands to 1kW, 6M to 1.2kW, 2M to 1.2kW, 1.25M to 220W, 70CM to 1.5kW and 23CM to 375W.

Web site plans include updates, additions of pictures and photos of my shack, antennas and mobile setup.