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  •   NEW    Supermorse A CW Terminal Software    By W4AUV   8/19/09

  •   NEW Update Amateur Contact Log 1.4 By N3FJP

  •  New CW Maestro Morse Terminal Program By K7FJ

  • NOVSWP25.ZIP   NEW Update November Sweepstakes Logging Program By N3FJP   Click here for more info .

  • WinZip 7.0 for Windows  This is a program you use to un-zip all the zipped up programs on this web page.

  • vhf95zip.exe  VHF logging program for Windows 95 . VHF/UHF contest logger, supports ARRL contest and sprints.

  •   Antenna Length for Wire Antennas

  •    Prog to scale antennas on deferent bands and diameters too

  •    Band Aid III - major international Ham Radio program

  • Beam_40M    Feasible Full-size 40 meter beam

  •    Ham Radio Clip Art

  •    A Good Cw Program

  •   How to build a Discone Antenna

  •  A field day logging program

  •  A field day logging program 1.0 by N3FJP NEW !

  •   Decode Morse code with a Sound Blaster

  •   Brag pictures

  •   Tutorial on how to ground your station

  •    What is Amateur radio you ask ?

  •    Predict HF prop

  •    HyperLog V2.25 Logging Program

  •   J-pole design program for any freq.

  •    Small And Fast Ham Radio Logging Program

  •    An Amateur Radio Logging Program

  •    Long Wire antenna calculator for shortwave listeners

  •   Morse code generation program

  •    Program to learn morse code

  •   What is amateur packet radio ?

  •   NEW QSL card label printer

  •   QTH locator and contest log program

  •    "Radio" Icon For Windows

  • Rusty.txt   Are You A Lid On The Amateur Radio Band ?

  •    Track the space shuttle

  •    New version of Terra*Time tells world time

  •    Ham radio packet term program

  •    80/40 meter trap dipole construction

  •   Small packet radio terminal program

  •    Design a YAGI

  •    Funny Note For Shack Visitors

  •   Simple Dipole Calculations For Windows

  •    What's amateur radio

  •   Packet radio terminal program

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