Mark H Voris
Omaha, NE
Frequencies that I operate on:
HF 7.282 3.982 3.922 3.916 1.995
VHF 50.200 146.52 146.55 146.94 147.36
UHF 443.925


Welcome to my page. I have been an operator since 1993 and currently hold a General Class license. I like to get on HF mainly 40 and 75 when time permits. I do get on the local repeaters 2 meters and 440. When not hamming I work for VSS Catholic Communications Inc. as Chief Engineer taking care of a group of radio stations across Nebraska.



The Shack

The equipment consists of:
Icom IC-746
Icom IC-718
Heathkit SB-104A
Yaesu FT-817
Yaesu FT-7900

Click on Image to make larger

SHACK AUDIO Click on Image to make larger
Currently I use a loop 200' in length 15' above the ground. 80 meters thru 10 meters work well using an MFJ 993B auto tuner on the loop. I also have a dipole cut for 40 meters using an MFJ 941 tuner. A dipole is also in use for 6 meters with future plans to build a 6 meter square loop. For 2 meters and 440 j-poles are in use at about 20' above the ground. Recently added a 6 meter squalo antenna and a vertical for 10 meters.

Feed line entrance
Feed point for loop
North side of loop
South side of loop

2 meters and 440 J-Poles
6 meter squalo antenna


Antenna switching and feed-thru
And when I decide to tinker or build something...



Spirit Catholic Radio Engineering


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