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My name is Elliott Olson, located near Lake of the Woods
in northern Minnesota

Skywarn logo Last update - August 25, 2008

I am currently a General (just passed on 8/24/08, licensed since October 1992) operating primarily on 2M FM voice, active in Skywarn, and a little packet/APRS, 70cm FM, ATV and 6m. I'm also a member of the Lake of the Woods Repeater Association (LOWRA) and the Amiga Amateur Radio User Group http://www.qsl.net/aarug/.

I like to collect antique radios (but don't have many). I just got an Atwater Kent model 42 and have a mid-1920s 5-tube table top Marwol DC reciever, which I refinished. I also have a couple other radios in need of restoration.
I also have a 1935 Ford 1-1/2 ton truck I want to restore. Let me know if you have info that might help.
I'm also a member of the Lake of the Woods Steam and Gas Engine Association. which puts on an antique tractor show and threshing bee each year at the beginning of August. Come visit us if you like old farm equipment or want to see a bit of how farming was done and life was lived in the early 20th century.
Relating to this, I have a new hobby, Blacksmithing.

I started a local Amiga usergroup, Lake of the Woods Amiga Group, hoping to help any currently unknown Amiga users in this area (Canadians also welcome), though I think I'll be dropping this part from the website (no other local Amiga users besides family). For an Amiga group in your area, see the User Group Network, http://ugn.amiga.org/
I can sometimes be found on IRC (Dalnet #AmIRC, #WindowsXP or Exodusnet #Team*Amiga) or AIM or MSN IM as AmigaDragon , YIM as Amigadragon1962 or on ICQ (23880570). I can also be found sometimes in SecondLife as AmigaDragon Greatrex.

I have used my Amiga for Packet and would also like to know of any Amiga software (and/or hardware) for SSTV.

Here I am PNG image, click for GIF digitized with Amiga 1200 and DCTV.

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