St. Louis Radio…With and Without IBOC

A REAL WORLD view of St. Louis Radio…before and after a forced conversion to IBOC-DAB (In-Band, On-Channel Digital Audio Broadcasting)…showing the losses that St. Louis will encounter.


AM Stations


Dial   Station/City of License      Current Format                    After IBOC Conversion

550   KTRS St. Louis, MO             News/Talk                               OFF THE AIR

590   KFNS Wood River, IL          Sports                                     OFF THE AIR

630   KJSL St. Louis, MO              Christian Talk                         OFF THE AIR

690   KSTL East St. Louis, IL       Urban Gospel                         OFF THE AIR

730   KWRE Warrenton, MO         Classic Country                      OFF THE AIR

770   WEW St. Louis, MO             Variety                                    OFF THE AIR

850   KFUO Clayton, MO               Lutheran Programming          OFF THE AIR

880   WCBW Highland, IL             Contemporary Christian        OFF THE AIR

920   WGNU Granite City, IL         Free-form Talk                       OFF THE AIR

1010  KXEN Festus, MO                Christian Teaching                 OFF THE AIR

1080 WRYT Edwardsville, IL        Catholic Programming           OFF THE AIR

1120 KMOX St. Louis, MO            News/Talk                               News/Talk

1190 KRFT De Soto, MO              Sports                                     OFF THE AIR

1260 WSDZ Belleville, IL              Pre-Teen                                OFF THE AIR

1320 KSIV Clayton, MO                Christian Teaching                 Moved to FM

1380 KSLG St. Louis, MO             Sports/Variety                        OFF THE AIR

1430 WRTH St. Louis, MO            ‘50s/’60s Oldies                     OFF THE AIR

1460 KHOJ St. Charles, MO         Catholic Programming           OFF THE AIR

1490 WESL East St. Louis, IL      R&B Oldies                            OFF THE AIR

1510  WDID Highland, IL               Southern Gospel                   OFF THE AIR

1570 WBGZ Alton, IL                    News/Talk                               OFF THE AIR

1600 KATZ St. Louis, MO             Urban Gospel                         OFF THE AIR


FM Stations


88.1      KDHX St. Louis, MO                      Variety/Diversified                Variety/Diversified

88.7      WSIE Edwardsville, IL                    Mainstream Jazz                   OFF THE AIR

89.1      KCLC St. Charles, MO                   Adult Alternative                    OFF THE AIR

89.3      KTBJ Festus, MO                           Contemporary Christian       OFF THE AIR

89.5      KCFV Ferguson, MO                     Alternative Rock                    OFF THE AIR

89.5      KNLH Cedar Hill, MO                     Contemporary Christian       OFF THE AIR

89.7      WCBW-FM East St. Louis, IL        Contemporary Christian       OFF THE AIR

89.7      KYMC Ballwin, MO                         Alternative Rock/Variety       OFF THE AIR

89.9      KGNA Arnold, MO                          Contemporary Christian       OFF THE AIR

89.9      WLCA Godfrey, IL                           Alternative Rock                    OFF THE AIR

90.1      KRHS Overland, MO                      Alternative Rock                    OFF THE AIR

90.3      KWUR Clayton, MO                        Alternative Rock/Variety       OFF THE AIR

90.7      KWMU St. Louis, MO                     News/Talk                              News/Talk

91.1      WIBI Carlinville, IL                           Contemporary Christian       COVERAGE REDUCED

91.5      KSIV-FM St. Louis, MO                  Christian Teaching                Christian Teaching

92.3      WIL St. Louis, MO                           Country                                   Country

93.3      KNSX Steelville, MO                      Modern Rock                         OFF THE AIR

93.7      KSD St. Louis, MO                         Country                                   Country

94.1      KPVR Bowling Green, MO            Contemporary Christian       OFF THE AIR

94.7      KSHE Crestwood, MO                   Album Rock                           Album Rock

95.5      WFUN-FM Bethalto, IL                   Urban Contemporary            OFF THE AIR

96.3      KIHT St. Louis, MO                         Classic Hits                           Classic Hits

97.1      KFTK Florissant, MO                      Talk                                         Talk

97.7      KHZR Potosi, MO                           Contemporary Christian       OFF THE AIR

98.1      KYKY St. Louis, MO                        Hot Adult Contemporary       Hot Adult Contemporary

98.5      KTJJ Farmington, MO                    Country                                   COVERAGE REDUCED

99.1      KFUO-FM Clayton, MO                  Classical                                Classical

99.9      KFAV Warrenton, MO                    Country                                   OFF THE AIR

100.3    KATZ-FM Alton, IL                          Urban Contemporary            Urban Contemporary

100.7    KFNS-FM Troy, MO                        Sports                                     OFF THE AIR

101.1    WVRV East St. Louis, IL                Modern AC                            Modern AC

102.5    KEZK St. Louis, MO                       Soft Adult Contemporary      Soft Adult Contemporary

103.3    KLOU St. Louis, MO                       ‘60s/’70s Oldies                    ‘60s/’70s Oldies

104.1    WRDA Jerseyville, IL                      Adult Standards                    Adult Standards

104.9    KMJM Columbia, IL                        Urban AC                               OFF THE AIR

105.7    KPNT Ste. Genevieve, MO            Modern Rock                         Modern Rock

106.1    WSMI-FM Litchfield, IL                   Country                                   COVERAGE REDUCED

106.5    WARH Granite City, IL                    Classic Hits/Hot AC              Classic Hits/Hot AC

107.7    KSLZ St. Louis, MO                        Contemporary Hits                Contemporary Hits




Band              Analog Only             After Forced IBOC Conversion  Stations Lost

AM                  22 stations               1 station (KMOX)                            21 stations

FM                  39 stations               18 stations*                                      21 stations

Total               61 stations               19 stations                                       42 stations


*Includes three stations with reduced coverage


FACT: With a forced conversion from superior analog technology to the spectrally inefficient and inferior IBOC-DAB system, St. Louis would lose 42 radio stations; many of which provide an independent alternative to corporate radio. St. Louis would lose 21 of the 22 AM stations in the market, along with 15 FM stations, most of them in the non-commercial educational sub-band (88-92 MHz), where the only independent FM radio stations in the market reside. In addition, one NCE and two commercial stations face severely reduced coverage if they convert to IBOC-DAB.


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