United Kingdom


Model          WT-8A
Made           1932 - 1945
Base size      2.5" X 3.5"
     finish    Black
Aquired        April 2ØØ1
From e-bay by Tom Perera;

This is a miniature British WW-II key which was designed to fit inside British and Canadian Field Telegraph Sets. It is one of the rarer variants of the Key, WT-8A and it has a set of external contacts in addition to normally-closed and normally-open main contacts.

Bunnell Key Bunnell Key Bunnell Key Bunnell Key Bunnell Key
WT-8 Style Key by J.H. Bunnell
Key and Plug Assembly No 9-A

Produced       192Ø - 1945
Base size      2" X 5.5"
     finish    Black Crinkle
Aquired        March 2ØØ1
used with the Wireless Set No 19 MkIII
British No 9
parts breakdown of the
Canadian version of this key

Merit Merit Merit Merit Merit
Purchased from Australia

Manufacture    SEL Mfg Co, England
Base size      2.75" X 4.25"
     finish    Black Bakelite
Aquired        May 2ØØ1
From Wyn's e-mail: It should be SEL not ESL Signalling Equipment Lts, Potters Bar,England. made by the Merit Company.
Here is a pic of how Signalling Equipment Ltd sold the various toy Merit keys.There were three or four slightly differing designs.
New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand New Zealand
Purchased from Auckland
New Zealand
Air Ministry

Ref No         RAF 1ØF/4Ø67
Base size      7" X 8"
     finish    Oak
Aquired        March 2ØØ2

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Royal Navy Amateur Radio Society
with endorsements for 3Ø and 4Ø wpm.

US Navy High Speed Morse Code Certificate