Espana and The Balearic Islands
Telegraficas Telegraficas Telegraficas Telegraficas
Side Swiper
Manufacture    Llaves Telegraficas Artesanas
Produced       1998 -
Model          GMM - Brass Plated
Base size      3" X 5.5"
Finish         Rosewood
Aquired        September 2ØØ1
How to adjust a Dyna Emploi (Side Swiper) by MANIFLEX (108K)
French version aquired from Neal, K5RW May 2ØØ2, Thanks Neal
Translated by Claude, F5BPL May 2ØØ2, Merci Claude
What a strange page, a Spanish Key with French & English instructions
My Whiterook MK-32 Side Swipers
For more infomation read Cootie Code by Jerry L. Bartachek KDØCA
More on a Side Swiper from Neal, K5RW