Base Size      1.5 X 2"
Aquired        December 2ØØ3
From the E-Bay Description

"Spy-Type" Telegraph Test Set Key from the Indian Telegraph Service

This key is small enough to be called a "Spy Key", but it actually was used in the Indian Telegraph Service. It was part of a test set that workers used when climbing telegraph poles to determine where there was a problem with their telegraph lines.

The telegraph test set, of which the key was the major part, actually was designed to be strapped to the climber’s leg so that he could easily operate the key while on the pole.

This key is very small and would make an excellent, inexpensive addition to a key collection, or for use with a small QRP transceiver.

I found this key, and others like it, in a junk shop while traveling in India several years ago. Telegraphy is still being used in some rural parts of India on railroad lines.