Buzza No. 100 Buzza No. 100 Buzza No. 100 Buzza No. 100

Manufacture    Buzza Products
               Sydney NSW
Model          Automatic Key No. 1ØØ
Produced       193Ø - 194Ø
Base size      3.5" X 6.25"
     finish    Black
Damper         T
Ckt Closer     Yes
Distributor    Levenson's Radio Pty Ltd
               226 Pitt Street
               Sydney NSW
Aquired        March 2ии2
A very interesting key, with some very distinctive features. Lock nuts on the
damper adjusting screw and on the weight and a round weight on a flat shaft.
The frame is quite different also with two pivot points, one for the dit lever and
one for the dah lever. Views of the frame: Left Side, Right Side, over the Paddles.