From: "Rem" 
To: n0rc
Subject: K6BBQ w/1 pic for 'the Rock-Mite files'
Date: Friday, March 14, 2003 2:05 PM

Hi Rod,


I am a first time builder and was amazed at how the Rock Mite evolved
over many hours of building, watching the parts and solder joints add
up and all the wires too. Although it actually took me nearly ten
hours of building, including soldering on the extension cables, wires,
plugs, etc. I was still happy to see it was finally done.

There are safety in numbers and I built this in a group of about seven
along with some expert builders to help us all along. -Thank you very
much for that CW Bill and C Street Bill.

The Rock Mite housing was finished by me a couple of days ago.

So this is a pic of my Spam Mite Classic (as under the bottom right of
the Spam name it says Classic). In the photo I also have my friend Lil
Lil Pup and my paddle.

The current top, plastic lid ain't perty but it gets the job done.  I
might try something else later. Right now there are slits for the
antenna and power wires to slide in and out of the lid.

Spam, Ham and BBQ just like the end of my call sign, what a great
combination and to have a rig i would one day call the Spam Mite, I
would have never imagined.