WØNT Contest Club

at Lockheed Martin Space Systems

The WØNT Contest Club meetings are held at 5:15 p.m. the 1st Wednesday of every month as part of the N0LM ,Waterton Amateur Radio Society, at the Radio building (WARS Ham Shack pictured above) up the road from the ball fields in the recreation area.

Our primary contest is ARRL Field day. Field Day is a 24-hour Amateur Radio contest and demonstration of emergency power communications using voice, digital, satellite and Morse code modes.

In 2018, Field Day takes place on Saturday, June 23th and Sunday, June 24th. Field Day starts at noon on Saturday and ends at noon on Sunday. All Amateurs (and the public) are invited to participate.

Scott, WØSJE and Andy, KCØGVK contacted NA1SS, the International Space Station, during Field Day on 2m!

WØNT Field Day 2005
WØNT Field Day 2005
Scott WØSJE at VHF / Satellite station, Gary KD5DAY at 20m SSB