Waterton Amateur Radio Society

at Lockheed Martin Space Systems

Agenda: June 2, 2010

Topics of discussion:
1. Club Member News
2. EOSS news: Jim Beall
3. ARES / NTS news: Pete Hills/Lanny Ellis
4. Contest Calendar / Special Events / Hamfests: Ken Anderson
5. Monthly Satellite Highlight: Scott Allen
6. Articles of General Interest
7. Work Party Update and Plan for Next Day in June
-Solar-powered motion light
-160m antenna repair
-Other items(?)
8. Shirt Order Update  Ken Anderson
9. WARS Website and Reflector Update: Stuart Liss
10. Treasury Update  Andy Speicher
11. Contesting Tips  Ken Anderson
12. Field Day Discussion
LESSONS LEARNED (DOCUMENT ATTACHED, first 3 pages only for discussion)
N3FJP SOFTWARE:  Download & Practice "Field Day 2.8" per CHEATSHEET (passout) as needed
Any other mobile VHF or PSK OPs?
        Thurs 5PM Rhombic Antenna _________________________________________________________
        Fri Noon Beam Antennas_____________________________________________________________
        Sat 8AM Setup, 10 Meeting
        FD Meals pickup/distribution__PAULA, _______________________________________________
        Paper Log Collection, N3FJP file copying to Flash drive_RAY?__GRIF?_______________________
MEALS   [Vote Preferences at meeting]
SAT LUNCH: CHIPOTLE 720-981-7023 12512 W Ken Caryl [just E of I470]  [2 FREE = [email protected]]   [at meeting or at your rig]
SAT DINNER: ABO PIZZA 303-932-7770 8440 S Kipling  /  BIG PAPA BBQ 720-922-3233 12652 W Ken Caryl [SE corner 470]
SUN BKFST: QDOBA 303-948-2000 8246 W Bowles (SE of SW Plaza] / SONIC Bkfst Burrito 303-972-1857 [SE 470/Ken Caryl] 
        Pete needs $5, Dietary restrictions, and which meals you will be here for
Ice Chest in club?