A few interesting places to go.
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  1. QRP Homepage Australia
  2. ARRL
  3. AMSAT
  4. Astronomical League
  5. ALPO, The Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers
  7. Lowfer stuff
  8. Predict Passes of a satellite
  9. Buckmaster World Wide HamCall(tm) Server
  10. ARES of Louisiana
  11. Jilly's Drive-In, has cool stuff about longwave radio.
  12. KD4CPL's Vintage Radio Page
  13. Amateur Radio WWW bookmark file, More places to go.
  14. HAM Radio Online
  15. LightSpeed Backyard Astronomy
  16. North American Skies Page
  17. Star Facts
  18. Links to International Broadcasters
  19. The HF/DX Operator's Page
  20. Ray Rocker, lots of longwave stuff
  21. Home: The Xtal Set Society
  23. Shortwave DX Homepage
  24. Longwave Club of America
  25. National Radio Club
  26. Arp's Catalog of Peculiar Galaxies
  27. The Galaxy Catalog
  28. Whole Mars Catalog
  29. KC5KBD
  30. Geographic Name Server: Lat/Long lookup
  31. The Sky This Week USNO
  32. Shortwave Radio Schedule Guide
  33. The World Factbook Master Home Page
  34. Bill Beaty's Amateur Science Pages --
  35. Down East Microwave
  36. N1BWT 10 GHz Page
  37. T.A.R.C. Amateur Television
  38. San Francisco Bay Area ATV (WA6ZJG
  39. KC5SP Amateur Television
  40. Utah ATV (KA7OEI)
  41. Houston Amateur Television Society
  42. Amateur Television Network, Atlanta
  43. Amateur Television Network, Southern California (KO6CB)
  44. British Amateur Television Club (BATC)
  45. Southern CA ATV Sights and Sounds
  46. Homebrew QRP is Gud 4 U
  47. Shortwave/Radio Catalog
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