Amateur Astronomy is Far Out! The Science/Hobby of Astronomy is open to everyone. There are many things for the amateur astronomer to do. I would say that my main area of interest is observing deep sky objects such as galaxies, nebulae and clusters. I also enjoy lunar and planetary observations. I belong to the Pontchartrain Astronomy Society. The PAS is also a member society in the Astronomical League.
I currently use an 8 inch Schmidt Cassegrian Telescope for most of my observations. My home is located in Talisheek, Louisiana. One of the reason I decided on moving to this area was the relatively dark skies. Being a very small town there is minimal ligh pollution. The night sky here is still very stunning.

My personal library consists of a wide variety of publications. I would have to say that I probably use my Tirion Sky Atlas and Burnhams Celestial Handbook the most. I also love the Ruykl Moon Atlas, however, it got lost in my last move. I tare the house apart every week or so looking for it. I will probably have to replace it soon if I can't find it. If you have my Moon Atlas please mail it to me at PO Box 15, Talisheek, LA 70464! Back to main