Up 2 Meter Array SP 200





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Here is a little project that I can recommend to anyone looking for a small vertical phased array that can easily be built and cost is minimal.  This is not my design, but is taken from an article in QST.  I modified the construction technique so that the array could withstand the extremes of weather we see here in the Central Mississippi River Valley, minus 20°F to 100°F, heavy winds and rain, ice, hail, and just about everything in between.

Construction is with 1.25" PVC components.  Elements are No. 8 groundwire, easily formed, but seem capable of sustaining high winds and ice.  We had a hail storm in April, 2001 that bent the elements, but they were easily straightened.   Vertical elements are press fit in closeout plug and soldered to the SO-239 connector.  Ground plane elements are continuous and staggered to clear each other and vertical elements.  Wires are soldered to the groundplane elements and the ground side of the SO-239.

See my Construction page for more details


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