N5IB Key and Paddle Collection

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Nye Speed-X, rectangular chrome base

Artec J-38

Nye Master Key


Probably a copy of a McElroy Stream Key
tnx Dave, NF0R,  for ID

"Japan Key"

Whiterook MK-11

Lionel J-38

The Lionel logo on underside of the J-38

Doug Hauff straight key

W. Nye Speed-X, oval wrinkle base

J-37 on a J-38 base

Brown Brothers Machine Co. model BTL iambic paddles

G4ZPY Marconi style

Brown Brothers Machine Co. model CTL-B combo. Key arm is a brass replacement.

Speed X - found in a hamfest junk bin, sans chrome plating. Homebrew wrinkle finish and wood knob.

MFJ iambic paddles

Lionel J-38 - found in hamfest junk bin w/o knob. Wood knob added.

Arizona sQRPions mini paddle kit. Modified for close spacing. Click image for more.

Hombrew PC board single-lever paddle

Completed sQRPions paddle kit

Sounder portion of a land-line Key-on-Board unit. Key was sawed off by barbarians.

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