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N4BP operating position.

Top left to right: HP "Envy" Desktop Computer, Remote Antenna Switch, WinKeyer USB, 24" Monitor, Daiwa CN-801 SWR & PWR Meter/Speaker, Elecraft KPA1500 Amplifier
Bottom left to right: MFJ-4230MV PS, Elecraft K3 & P3/Keyboard, N3ZN ZN9A Paddle, Yaesu G-800SA Controller

N4BP Antenna Farm

Cushcraft A505S (5el 6 Meter Yagi) @ 70 feet (former 3el HB shown)
Cushcraft A4S with TH6DX driven element @ 65 feet
40/80M Dipole with HB "Armadillo" coax traps @ 62 feet
EFHW-8010 or 160M Inverted-L supported by crossarm @ 62 feet (switchable)
Not shown : MFJ-1796W on 30ft mast (WARC bands)

Treasure from the Past!

QSL sent to WN1FJI in September, 1955 and recently returned to me.

More Pix

QRP Operating Position

N4BP QSL designed with WB8RCR's QSL Maker

04 Field Day - Guano Reef Bashful Perverts (K4PG N4BP N4GM)
04 Field Day - Packet & satellite station in N4GM van
04 Field Day - N4GM knockin' out Q's on the K2
04 Field Day - Sunset on the 4BTV

04 Mar ARRL DX Phone M/S- Bad omen for upcoming contest!
04 Mar ARRL DX Phone M/S - OK1DTP running EU on 21Mhz
04 Mar ARRL DX Phone M/S - Taking a tennis break
04 Mar ARRL DX Phone M/S - Wider view of N4BP station

04 Feb C6A DXpedition - The "CAT", ferry from Fort Lauderdale to Freeport
04 Feb C6A DXpedition - 160 foot tower with 80 Meter dipole leg visible
04 Feb C6A DXpedition - C6ALK (K7RE) struggling on 160 Meters
04 Feb C6A DXpedition - C6AKQ (N4BP) on 80 Meters
04 Feb C6A DXpedition - C6APG (K4PG) trying to stay awake on 10 Meters

99 FL QSO Party - KB & BP Ready to Go
99 FL QSO Party - KB Running a County
99 FL QSO Party - BP Running a County
99 FL QSO Party - Pasco County Coming Up
99 FL QSO Party - Time to Make This Trip Pay Off!


MyAntennas Transformer Bypass Switch to Use Wire as 160M Inverted-L

Czech Second Class Operator's Club membership plaque (N4BP #19)

A collection of Web Sites that I have found interesting.

And a collection of Software that I have found useful.

Rules for some upcoming contests

  • ARRL Contest Calendar
  • Florida QSO Party (April)
  • QRP ARCI Contest Calendar
  • WA7BNM's Contest Calendar
  • I can always be reached at  [email protected]