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IOTA 2001

Welcome to the MM0BQI Home Page.  Thanks for visiting,  please  enjoy your stay.             

EU108 DXpedition 1-3 September 2007 

EU092 DXpedition 22 July to 5th August and

15th - 22nd September


I listened to my first ham radio AM QSO some 40 years ago between HB9AML and F6ARO with the family broadcast radio receiver and a piece of wire round the kitchen ! It took me until 1997 to get on the air as MM1BGI then MM0BQI.  Since then I have made many contacts and many many friends.  THANK YOU to all who helped  along the way. I am constantly adding and updating, so please come back and visit again soon.

73 and good DX de Jim, MM0BQI


This page was last edited on 23 June 2007